2018 NPC Figure Division Rules and Scoring Criteria

NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition

NPC Figure Division Rules

1. Figure competitors must wear a two-piece suit with a V-shaped bottom. The official NPC rules do not state that your figure suit have a criss-cross back. Angel Competition Bikinis make all figure suits with a criss-cross back because of the popularity of the style at events. 99% of figure competitors wear a suit with a criss-cross hook back. Click here to see how our figure suits enhance your glutes with our proprietary elastic attachments.

NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition

2. Figure competitors will not have a routine round.

3. Figure competitors must wear high heels. The official NPC rules do not state that the heels must be clear, but most show promoters require this.

4. Figure competitors may wear jewelry. Click here to see Angel Competition Bikinis competition jewelry.

5. If you are competing on the national stage, you are not allowed to cross over into another division at the same event. If you wish to cross over at a regional level competition, you will need to contact the show promoter to gain approval.

Click here to look at our athlete gallery, full of NPC approved suits. 

Individual Presentation Rules

Figure competitors will walk onstage and perform their posing routine alone. Your posing routine should have quarter (1/4) turns. 

1. Walk to the center of the stage.

2. Stop and hit your front pose.

3. Complete a quarter turn and hit your side pose.

4. Complete another quarter turn and hit your back pose. Some figure competitors use this time to pull their hair to the front so that the judges can see their back muscles.

5. Complete one more quarter turn and hit your other side pose.

6. Complete your last quarter turn to face the judges in your front pose.

7. Option to present a signature "good-bye"  which can be a wave or similar to the judges.

8. Proceed to the side of the stage under the direction of the stage usher.

Comparison Round Rules

All figure competitors in your class will be brought back on stage to be judged as a group. You will be directed by the head judge to perform your front pose, side poses, and back pose. This gives the judges the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in quarter turns. 

Scoring Rules

Figure competitors are judged on the following:

1. Small amount of muscularity with separation. There should be no visible striations for figure competitors.

2. Overall physical package brought to the stage including shapely lines, overall firmness, healthy appearance, make-up, and skin tone. Figure competitors should not be excessively lean.

Katie Wargo is a recent NPC Figure winner. Notice her overall symmetry and healthy appearance. Click here to see her Galaxy Competition Figure Suit and here to see here for FitKC coaching. 

NPC Figure Competitor Katie Wargo, Figure Competition Suits



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