Have you always dreamed of rocking the runway?

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The Angel Fashion Show is an experience hosted by Angel Competition Bikinis.This is more than a fashion show. Imagine what it would be like to gain confidence, get on stage, be a star, meet your new best friends, and have the most supportive community behind you!

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Are you ready to change your life alongside a community of like-minded women?

The experience of a lifetime with photos and videos to last forever!

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What happens during the Angel Fashion Show Weekend Experience?

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The Opening Ceremony

The excitement starts the day before the fashion show with The Opening Ceremony. The women all meet for the first time, practice their stage walks, run through a mock show, participate in get to know each other activities, and earn their much anticipated purple sashes.

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Show Time!

Now is the time the athletes and models have been preparing for. Their mission is to show the world that a strong and confident female is beautiful. The women embrace their “flaws” and show off what makes them unique! This stage features women at every stage in fitness: competition prep, improvement season, maintenance lifestyle, post partum, pregnancy, and everything in between!

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After Party

It’s time to celebrate the victory of stepping out of your comfort zone. Cheers to embracing true authentic selves and not being scared to show the world that women are strong, motivating and confident! The after party gives the models time to reflect on the wisdom gained over the weekend, make stronger connections with each other, let loose, and of course get dressed up in non-gym clothes!



Step 1


Once you are accepted, you may register for any fashion show.

Step 2


View the schedule above and register for your desired show. 

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Schedule a meeting with one of our  suit stylist to go over everything!

Step 4


Attend your consult and order your suit for the fashion show stage!

Step 5


We will annouce squads and captains 4 weeks prior to the show.

Building Connections through the Angel Fashion Show

The Angel Fashion Show creates a safe space for like-minded females to connect and bond.

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Vulnerability is Beautiful

It can be hard to show up as your true authentic self. So much of the world is focused on the outside, bodybuilding especially. Vulnerability, deep conversations, and true bonds are created through the Angel Fashion Show experience.

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Your Uniqueness Inspires

Competing in bodybuilding can be difficult on your confidence. Athletes are told to fit into “the mold” and achieve a very specific physique on stage. The Angel Fashion Show celebrates uniqueness because we know that everyone’s differences inspire a different type of women. We need you and your unique traits to spread our message of confidence!


Find “your people”

The bonds made from The Angel Fashion Show are unlike any other relationships you have. There is something magical and life changing when you surround yourself with like minded, goal setting, and confident women. Prepare to learn, grow, be inspired, and feel more confident than ever!

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Cherish your stage photos and video forever!

All shows come with professional photography by the most sought after fitness photographers. 

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Step out of your comfort zone

Say "YES" to new and exciting things!

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What Past Models Say

There is something magical and life changing when you surround yourself with like minded, goal setting, and confident women (like yourself). Prepare to learn, grow, be inspired, and feel more confident than ever!

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Shannon Harris

“I couldn’t have been happier. I met so many amazing and like-minded women. We shared our stories and empowered each other. Every time I am with the ACB squad I feel encouraged and heard. The support these ladies give is above and beyond any other group of women.

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Ana Ponko

Having the opportunity to participate this past weekend at the Angel Fashion show had filled my heart with so much excitement and happiness. I found my new passion with Angel Fashion Show.

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Nicole Simmons

My whole being is still feeling the energy of this whole experience. This community of amazing women and athletes has made an indelible mark in my life. Love the connections I’ve made. I feel seen.

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Marissa Howell

I wasn’t prepared for the ABUNDANCE of incredible likeminded women I would get to know and create memories with.


The BEST gift you can give yourself!

All Angel Fashion Show packages come with $2,000+ worth of products including a completely custom crystallized competition suit!

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Past Angel Fashion Shows

The Angel Fashion Started in 2018 to show the world we are confident on stage through all seasons of life! Since then, it has evolved into so much more: community, connection, authenticity, and inspiration! 

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