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Top Sizes

The size you choose is a personal preference of how you want the top to look on stage. All of our cups are rounded with pockets sewn in so you can add as much or as little push up as desired. We recommend using a tape measure on yourself to see how the cups will fit. Keep in mind that they are stretchy. Our most popular size is medium.





Bottom Cut

We offer 4 different bottom cuts; pro, Brazilian, moderate or figure. All Bottoms come with a full scrunch/pucker butt. 



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How to Measure




1. How do I know what back cut to get?

This depends on the size of your glutes and how revealing you want your suit to be. We recommend the Brazilian cut for most bikini competitors. If you are competing in a league that requires 50% coverage we recommend the moderate cut.



2.  What kind of padding do you provide?

All of our suits have sleeves in the cups and a pair of removable molded inserts.


3. Which bottoms are acceptable at my show?

We have made the Pro cut for NPC, NANBF, and WBFF athletes and have never had an issue with disqualification. If you are concerned; order the Brazilian or Moderate cut. 


4. My show is in 18 weeks, is it too early to order a suit? How do I know what size I should get?

No, it's never too early to order your suit. It is great motivation to have your suit to look at all the way through prep! We make the suits with high quality four way stretch nylon spandex which allows for normal weight fluctuation of competitors. We also leave 2 inches of fabric behind the back connectors that allows the suit to be brought in or taken out easily by your local seamstress or anyone that can sew. 


5. I know I will lose a lot of weight before my show, how will sizing work?

We use your current glute measurement along with your anticipated weight loss until your show date to make your bottoms fit perfect. The anticipated weight loss does not need to be an exact number, a rough estimate will be fine. 


6. If I know my stage measurements do you want those?

We only ask for your current measurements and anticipated weight loss. If you know what your stage measurement will be, put those measurements instead with anticipated weight loss of zero.


7. What is your return policy?

​We start from scratch on every bikini and make your bikini based on your measurements. They are very custom fit to your body and your measurement therefor we have a very strict no return policy. We guarantee that every suit we sell is brand new and do not accept returns. If you are not satisfied with your suit or if it does not fit you how you want please email lauren@acbikinis.com


8. What if my suit doesn't fit me?

When you first receive your suit it should be small. If the top is too small, take out the pads and you will find there is a lot of extra room. If the top is too big it can be scrunched together through the tunnel to make it smaller. You can also add extra stuffing to fill it out if it is too big. The bottoms should be snug when you get them. They come with extra fabric in the back that can easily be taken out or brought in by a local seamstress. Because of the spandex fabric we use, our method of sizing our suits, and our experience of being competitors, we have a very good history of fitting even after a 25 pound weight loss. We guarantee your suit to fit you how you want it to fit and will work together to remake anything that isn't perfect. 


9. Can I customize the bottom front cut of my bikini?

Yes, our suits are made to order, so you can customize any part of them. Our typical front rise is 6.75 inches from the crotch on average. If you would like a higher more conservative cut for whatever reasons (c-section scars, stretch marks, etc.) we recommend a 7.5 inches front rise. 


10. How can I contact you? 

If your answer is not answered here please e-mail lauren@acbikinis.com and we will get back to you in 2 business days or less.  


11. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. If you are buying from any where besides the US we recommend ordering 12 weeks from when you need the suit. After we ship your suit and it leaves the US we have no control over it. Sometimes mail gets held in customs for weeks. Angel Competition Bikinis is not responsible for a delay in international orders due to customs. 


12. I ordered my suit and decided not to compete, can I cancel my order?

No. Your suit is completely custom made to you. Please make sure you double check everything with your coach, and be confident with your fabric, connectors, and cut before you place your order.


13. I ordered my suit and decided I want to change the color, connectors, or cut, what are my options?

We do not allow any changes to be made to the original order. We strive to maintain the fasted turn around time possible to ensure you get your suit as soon as possible. Please make sure you are confident with your color, cut, and connectors before you submit your order. 



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