Suit Bottom Cut

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Scroll down for information on our new High Hip option.

Bikini Division 

Scroll down for figure and women's physique division cuts. We offer 4 different bikini division back cuts. Keep reading for specifics on each cut. Keep in mind every athlete has different glute measurements and shapes. The cuts may not appear the exact same on you as on our model, Jenn. She is 5'5'' with 35 inch glutes. All bottoms come with a full scrunch/pucker butt. We welcome in between styles or a completely custom cut. If you need a specific cut not shown, write your preference in the suit notes section at checkout. We can do anything!
npc bikini division suits for bikini competition from angel competition bikinis crystal connectors for competition suits
All of the dimensions listed below are how the suit will fit stretched on your body.  Four way stretch spandex fabric is incredible in that it has a lot of stretch and give to it making it the perfect fabric for competition suits. Because of this, these dimensions are approximate but could differ based on how the suit lays on your body. The left photos below are taken straight on. The right photos are taken from the judges perspective looking at athlete competing on a stage. Note the difference that this can make in how your suit looks. 


The Micro Scoop Cut

The Micro Scoop Cut is our most revealing cut. It has 1/2 inch less fabric on each cheek than The Pro Cut. Not recommended without your coach’s approval. The Micro Scoop Cut comes with our Scoop front rise.
micro scoop bikini cut angel competition bikinis micro cheeky


The Pro Cut

The Pro Cut has 1 inch less fabric on each side than The Brazilian Cut. Recommended for petite athletes, athletes who really want to show off their glutes, and competitors on the NPC National Stage or similar.
Pro cut Angel Competition Bikinis



The Brazilian Cut

The Brazilian Cut is our most popular cut. It shows off the glutes while providing more coverage than The Pro Cut. It has 1 inch more fabric on each cheek than The Pro Cut. Recommended for NPC Athletes.
Brazilian cut Angel Competition Bikinis brazilian cheeky bikini for competition

The Moderate Cut

The Moderate Cut is our most conservative cut. It can be worn by any athlete in any league. It has 1 inch more fabric on each cheek than The Brazilian Cut. Perfect on the CBBF, OPA, and similar stages. 
npc bikini division suits for bikini competition from angel competition bikinis crystals for competition bikini


Bikini Division Front Cuts

We offer 3 different bottom front cuts. Our regular front comes standard with The Pro Cut, The Brazilian Cut, and The Moderate Cut. Our scoop front comes standard with The Micro Scoop Cut. Our high rise front can be ordered on any suit by selecting our advanced fit options and choosing high rise from the drop down menu.

Scoop Front Cut

The Scoop front rise comes with our Micro/Scoop cut. Perfect for athletes with a very low body fat percentage (<8% BF), or who prefer a very revealing look on stage.
micro scoop cut competition suit


Regular Front Cut

The Regular front cut come on The Pro Cut, The Brazilian Cut, and The Moderate Cut. It works perfect for 90% of athletes. The Regular front rise is based off your height and glute measurement to fit how the judges want it to look on stage.
npc bikini division suits for bikini competition from angel competition bikinis crystal connectors for competition suits

High Rise Front Cut

The High Rise front cut is special ordered by athletes that want a more conservative look on stage. It is also ordered by athletes who want to cover up a C-section or other scar. We recommend choosing the high rise front cut if you are 5'8" or taller with glutes 39 or larger and expect to lose less than 15 pounds. We also recommend it if you are 5'7'' or shorter and have glutes 40 inches or larger and expect to lose less than 15 pounds. This will help balance out your frame. 
high rise competition suit cut


Figure/Women's Physique Division

The Figure Cut

The Figure Cut meets the requirements of the figure and women's physique division. We can make any bikini suit into a figure/physique suit and vice versa. Choose "figure/physique" from the drop-down menu during checkout to order a Figure or Women's Physique suit. All Figure suits are made with The Figure Cut. We welcome custom cuts, partial scrunch request, or no scrunch request. Write your special request in your suit notes at checkout. 
figure competition suits, women's physique competition suits
The Figure Cut differs from our bikini cut because it has an adjustable criss cross back with crystal hooks, a prominent "V" cut in the front and back, and a higher sitting point on the hips to create the V-taper look on stage. For the best fit, we advise a figure suit without connectors, but if you insist we can add them at no charge. 
NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition

Advanced Fit Options

Regular Fit versus High Hip 

Any suit from Angel Competition Bikinis can be worn to sit anywhere on your hips. If you are specifically looking for an accentuated high hip look, our new high hip option will help achieve this. The only difference in our high hip option is that there is 2 inches more of fabric in the front of your suit which will make the connectors sit higher. We only recommend this option for our Micro Scoop Cut and our Pro Cut. 


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