The Angel Experience

Angel Competition Bikinis has been dedicated to providing athletes with the perfect fit, highest quality, and outstanding customer service since 2013. Our mission is to create competition bikinis and competition figure suits that make you feel confident on stage to display your hard work, dedication, personality, and beauty. Buying your competition suit from ACBikinis is different than any other company. You will feel confident during the entire experience all leading up to the final moment of stepping on stage. 

 What is The Angel Experience?

The Angel Experience explains your entire suit buying process. From the moment you order your free Angel Design Package all the way to the final moment of performing your posing routine in front of the judges. Angel Competition Bikinis is here for you and will make you feel as confident as possible. Keep reading to see how we accomplish this. 


Before you order

We offer a free Angel Design Package to help you feel confident when ordering your competition suit. This package includes fabric and crystal samples, a tape measure with sizing instructions, a next steps guide, and a back cut template. You will feel confident during the ordering process after receiving this package. 

If you have ANY questions at all, we are here to help! You can email or call us at 913-808-5226 and we will reply asap. We are here to help you create your dream suit. 


After you order

Creating your competition suit is a process we take very serious. We know how hard you work to be able to step on stage, and we want your suit to be a representation of that. We update you during every step of creating your suit; cutting and sewing your fabric, securing your crystals, sewing on your connectors, applying the crystal trim, and packaging your suit. If we have any questions about your order, we will contact you and ensure we have the correct information to create your perfect suit. 



 When you receive your order

ACBikinis customers use phrases like, "I was like a kid on Christmas morning the day my packaged arrived." and, "I can't believe this made me cry happy tears, but it did!" It's very important to us that your package exceeds your every expectation. It's not just a bikini in a box; it's your goals and everything you are working for! Every package comes with a handwritten good luck card, a competition prep tips from pros card, a competition day checklist, and the suit that will make you feel over the top confident stepping on stage! We have made over a thousand suits for bikini and figure competitors. Fitting competitors is a very complex task that requires a tried and true proprietary formula for the perfect fit.
We have perfected our perfect fit formula with over a 98% first time fit success rate; exceptionally higher than any other company. In the rare occurrence that there is any issue with your suit, we work with you to come up with the best solution for your show day.


On Show Day

Your competition day is the day you've been working towards for anywhere from 12 weeks to 5 years. Angel Competition Bikinis customers wake up feeling confident, successful, and like they've already won the show. They do not need to stress about any last minute suit quality issues coming up. Every suit is handmade at a single location in Lenexa, KS by a team of experts in their craft. All materials used are sourced from the USA from the highest quality suppliers. The quality of our suits is the best on the market.


The Angel Experience has been making athletes feel confident all the way through prep and on their show day since 2013. 

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