What Our Customers Say

Ashley Kaltwasser

I am obsessed with every part of my Angel Competition Bikini! I especially love the cut of the bottoms. They are really flattering for the glutes!

Tracy Williams

I absolutely love my ACB Figure Suit! Awesome fitting, beautiful, and very affordable.

Dustee Gutierrez

Angel Competition Bikinis is the best quality of suits with an incredible team behind them. They listen to what you want and help you create your dream suit.

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Janet Layug

I wore Angel Competition Bikinis for my 2022 season and I loved my suit! The sparkle, the fit, it was perfect!

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Kathy C.

I compete in the Canadian Physique Alliance. Loved my suit. Fit perfectly. Felt glamorous on stage and fully recommend. Thank you!

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Susie B.

I love all of my Angel bikinis; practice and competition. The white one is my FAVORITE. It is so beautiful and the crystals really shine and stand out on stage with the lighting. I will always buy from Angel Competition Bikinis.

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Theresa Mendoza-Cura

I won my IFBB Pro Card in this suit!
Love this suit. The color looks great, the quality is also great. The ABC team made sure my suit fits right and got it in time for my show. It is now my lucky suit. Thank you for all your help.

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Cortrice B.

I compete in the Women's Physique Division.The experience with Angel Competition Bikinis was remarkable all around. From the Zoom meeting to the delivery of the suit!! My suit was absolutely beautiful and yes I will be ordering again

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Vicky Smith

My absolute FAVORITE bikini so far! I've had so many compliments on it and I just LOVE the way it fits. Deb did an amazing job putting this together with all the different accessories! If you want to feel like a princess on stage, this is the one!