Angel Competition Bikinis


Black Friday Specific Frequently Asked Questions

I want to take advantage of this sale but I'm worried my suit won't fit come show time. Can I still order on Black Friday?
Are Ships Tomorrow suits included in the sale?
Can I use your payment plan option for my Black Friday suit purchase?
Should I order even though my show isn't until next fall?
Is there a maximum discount amount?
Can I order my suit now and have you wait to make the final glue stitch?
When does the Black Friday sale start?

General Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a guide I can look at before I buy my suit?
How do I know what back cut to get?
What kind of padding do you provide?
Which bottoms are acceptable at my show?
My show is in 18 weeks, is it too early to order a suit? How do I know what size I should get?
I know I will lose a lot of weight before my show, how will sizing work?
If I know my stage measurements do you want those?
What is your return policy?
Does your pattern ever change?
What if my suit doesn't fit me?
Can I customize the bottom front cut of my suit?
How can I contact you?
Do you ship internationally?
I ordered my suit and decided not to compete, can I cancel my order?
I ordered my suit and decided I want to change the color, connectors, or cut, what are my options?
Can I order just bottoms or just a top?
Can I place a phone order?
Can I change my shipping address or shipping method on my order?

Payment Plans

The idea for offering payment plans on our suits was formed because we believe that every athlete, no matter what their budget may be, deserves the highest quality, confidence boosting, and perfect fitting suit at an affordable price. We realize every customer is different and we do our very best to address every athlete’s needs to the best of our ability. We recently changed our payment plans from managing it ourselves to our new plan that is managed by a trusted 3rd party, Sezzle. This change will allow your suit to be shipped the following business day for Ships Tomorrow Suits or the turn around time you chose at checkout for Build Your Suits and Designer Suits; regardless if you have made all of your payments to Sezzle or not.

How it works:

  • Select Sezzle at checkout. Look for the Sezzle button at checkout. It's easy to set up an account and speed through to your confirmation page.
  • Link a credit, debit card or bank account. Choose how you want to pay your installments. With Sezzle, there's no need to re-type your financial information each time.
  • Get approved instantly and securely. Sezzle will process your application in seconds during checkout. No long forms or waiting for days for a credit decision.
  • Schedule your automatic payments. Your installments are scheduled for autopay. You'll get text and email reminders so you're never caught off guard.
Can I use a Sezzle payment plan on a Ships Tomorrow suit?
I placed an order with Sezzle and now I don’t want my suit, can I cancel my order and payments?
Can I add an item or alter my order that I made using Sezzle checkout?
I placed an order with Sezzle and want to change the crystal color, connectors, bottom cut, ect. How do I do this?
Can I use Sezzle to pay for an order I place over the phone?
I have more questions about using Sezzle. Who should I contact about it?
I'm an international customer, can I use the Sezzle Payment Plan?