Angel Team

Our Mission

To create competition bikinis and competition figure suits that give you confidence on stage to display your hard work, dedication, personality, and beauty.

About the Owners

Angel Competition Bikinis was founded by Karah and Lauren Beeves in 2013 with the aim of providing bikini and figure competitors quality suits to help them stand out and feel confident on stage. Angel Competition Bikinis are made with YOU, the competitor in mind. Every suit is handmade by Karah, Lauren, and the Angel Competition Bikinis team. There is no outsourcing nor mass production in our manufacturing process. Only the highest quality material is used. They’ve been on the same stage as you, on the prep with you, and live the lifestyle with you. Karah and Lauren know how important the quality of your competition suit is and that is why all of their products are made in limited quantities to maintain integrity and quality.

In Business Since 2013

We've been making athletes feel confident not only on stage, but all the days leading up to their competition.

10,000+ Happy Customers

We are honored to say we have been and still are the fasting growing suit company in the world. We attribute our rapid growth to our perfect fit, highest quality and unmatched customer care.

9,341,521+ Suit Possibilities

We have the capability to bring your stage vision to life. Whatever your competition suit needs are, ACBikinis can fulfill it! 

Team Members