July 17th, 2021
Kansas City, MO

Starting 5/25/21 you will need to order your Angel Fashion Show suit through a phone consultation.  

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Showoff your inner superhero with this scene! Inspired by Wonder Woman, Spider-man, Batman, Cat-woman, and the Hulk. It will use superhero mask, accessories, and capes. This scene will be paired with impressive gymnast background entertainers and a superhero video backdrop. You will feel like a champion! 

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"The pure joy on my face and the confidence it gave me to stand on stage amongst such beautiful strong women is more than I could have imagined."

-Halley Pfrimmer

This scene uses crystallized hose and arm sleeves, fancy jewelry, tulle and sequin skirts, sequin wings, crystal embellishments and masquerade mask. Set to a ballroom backdrop video and subtle ballerina background dancers. This scene is all about class, elegance, and GLAM!

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"Last year... was awesome. The morale was bright. This truly is a place to network, encourage others, seek wisdom from pros, and just have fun with likeminded people!"

-Kelsey Renee

All you need is LOVE! This scene will feature every color of the rainbow with fun and exploding color. Hip hop background dancers, rainbows, and LOVE! Spread joy, spread happiness, spread love in this scene. 

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"Last year was so much fun this will be my third year walking so excited to meet everyone it’s a really good time it’s not stressful at all it’s like everything that you want from a competition but not the stress of competing against other competitors cause everyone walks off stage as a winner."

- Savana Sharp 

This scene uses wings, feathers, halos, grace, poise, and CONFIDENCE! It will be paired with a flying through clouds backdrop video and stage fog: this scene will be angelic! Paired with a  vocalist singing covers of some of your favorite female power songs. 

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"It is a chance to truly be yourself and have fun on stage. A confidence building, life changing experience."

- Leann M Kelly

This is a magical scene full of mermaids, sea unicorns, butterflies,  and other fun sea creatures. Every model will have lace up leg embellishments and coordinating accessories to their theme. Think Avatar meets Atlantis! Paired with aerial silks entertainment, this scene will be magical!

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"Last year was an amazing experience and I’m honored to be chosen again and to walk". 

 - Rachel Otero

This scene shows what ACBikinis is all about: Confidence, Empowerment, Inspiration, and FUN! It will feature all of our fun posing suits, team gear, branded apparel, robes, and more!

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"It was an amazing experience and I love how ACB took care of us and made us all feel so appreciated."

-Deborah Painter Baska

Order your show day tan, hair, makeup, and other things. 

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