Ships Tomorrow Suits

  • $226-$350

All Ships Tomorrow Suits are FINAL SALE. These are suits that we already have in stock and are ready to be shipped. The only change that can be made to these suits is switching connectors and/or adding a crystal trim. We cannot change sizes, division, or anything else. All suits will ship the following business day. Shipping will take 2-5 business days with First Class Shipping or 1-2 business days with Priority Mail Express Overnight Shipping. These suits do not reflect our custom suit prices. These are special offers sold at a discounted price for these exact suits only. Click on any suit to see the size we have available. All connectors will be sewn on to fit your measurements. All suits listed without a "sold out" in the top left corner are available. Once ordered the "sold out" will automatically appear so if you see one you want and are needing it ASAP order now. 2018 Discontinued fabrics are shown with the price in red and are discounted further.

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