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    The 3 Ways to Become a Sponsored Athlete

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    We look for athletes who have the opportunity to promote our products to bikini and figure competitors. We look for women who have a strong social media following of bikini and figure competitors or coaches that have a large team of athletes needing competition suits.

    We look for previous customers who wear their suits proudly and rave about our company on social media. This is how we find most of our sponsors because we feel this is the most genuine way to promote a product. An athlete who already talks about how much they love our suits, how well our suits fit, and how amazing our customer service is. Someone who has already invested in us proves their love for our company and makes it easier to authentically promote our product.

    Ambassador Application

    We look for women who are genuine, classy and motivating. Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athletes are athletes that are looked up to by all fitness competitors. We look for social media accounts with a lot of positive engagement. Quality of engagement versus the quantity of engagement is something we heavily look into. Having a lot of engagement with competitors shows that you have followers that are not only "following" you, but that you have people who are typing your name in the search bar to look at your latest post, to see your latest workout, or to see how your competition prep is going. Having a lot of likes and comments on your post proves your popularity. With that being said we also look at who is commenting and liking you post. It doesn't benefit us to sponsor you if only men are liking your pictures. 

    A Sponsorship with Angel Competition Bikinis or any company should be a looked at as a trade of services and goods. In this case, you would be providing a service and we would be providing a good. Your services would be the promotion and advertisement of our product on social media sites, to clients, etc. Our goods would be competition suits, beachwear, robes, jewelry, totes, and other branded items. Being sponsored by a company means you are representing their brand. You are a direct representation of us every time you go out in public wearing your ACBikinis sponsored products. This is why we are so picky when choosing our sponsors. We strive to maintain our brand by choosing carefully the women we sponsor.


    • Matthewtreve

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    • Corri Love

      Total goals!!💖💖💖💖💖

    • Lindsey Green

      I am about to do my 3rd and 4th show September and October 2018. I completely fell in love with 😍 your suits. Can’t wait to start the process and get a custom made bikini!

    • Cindy Presgraves

      This is one of goals!!!! To be an sponsor athlete of Angel competition bikinis. I have been training so hard for the past year after having 2 little ones and this week I finally enter 24 weeks of competition prep!
      My competition is Sept 8, 2018 and I looking forward in ordering one of your custom suits!

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