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Posted on September 15 2017

How to become a sponsored npc bikini athlete at Angel Competition Bikinis

This is our most frequently asked question so we thought we would write a blog about it to answer everything you want to know about becoming a sponsored athlete. We will start by discussing the top 3 things we look for when choosing our sponsored athletes, then we will address what a sponsorship with ACBikinis actually means, then we will review our sponsorship guidelines, and finally, we conclude with how to apply to become an Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete. 

What are the top 3 things we look at when choosing our sponsored athletes?

1. Love our Company: we look for previous customers who wear their suits proudly and rave about our company on social media. This is how we find most of our sponsors because we feel this is the most genuine way to promote a product. An athlete who already talks about how much they love our suits, how well our suits fit, and how amazing our customer service is. Someone who has already invested in us proves their love for our company and makes it easier to authentically promote our product.

How to become a sponsored npc bikini athlete at Angel Competition Bikinis

2. Opportunity to Promote: athletes who have the opportunity to promote our products to bikini and figure competitors. We look for women who have a strong social media following of bikini and figure competitors or coaches that have a large team of athletes needing competition suits. 

IFBB Bikini Pro Casey Samsel

3. Role Models: we look for women who are genuine, classy and motivating. Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athletes are athletes that are looked up to by all fitness competitors. We look for social media accounts with a lot of positive engagement. Quality of engagement versus the quantity of engagement is something we heavily look into. Having a lot of engagement with competitors shows that you have followers that are not only "following" you, but that you have people who are typing your name in the search bar to look at your latest post, to see your latest workout, or to see how your competition prep is going. Having a lot of likes and comments on your post proves your popularity. With that being said we also look at who is commenting and liking you post. It doesn't benefit us to sponsor you if only men are liking your pictures. 

How to become a sponsored npc bikini athlete at Angel Competition Bikinis


A quick Facebook live video we made on how to earn a sponsorship with us. 


What is a sponsorship with Angel Competition Bikinis?
A sponsorship with ACBikinis or any company should be a looked at as a trade of services and goods. In this case, you would be providing a service and we would be
providing a good. Your services would of course be the promotion and advertisement of our product on social media sites, to clients, etc. and our goods would of course be competition suits! Along with that: beachwear, robes, jewelry, totes, and so many other cute items!
Being sponsored by a company also means you are representing their brand.

Karah Beeves

You are a direct representation of us every time you go out in public wearing your ACBikinis sponsored products. This is why we are so picky when choosing our sponsors.  As stated earlier, Angel Competition Bikinis look for genuine, classy, and motivating athletes to represent us. We strive to maintain our brand by choosing carefully the women we sponsor.

Lauren How to get sponsored by Angel Competition Bikinis

Having a sponsorship with Angel Competition Bikinis means that you must maintain a positive reputation in the bodybuilding and fitness community. When we choose to offer an athlete a full sponsorship a fully crystallized suit is included in that offer. We put a huge amount of time and money into each suit. We have practiced and practiced and developed an amazing skill at making competition suits. We use only the highest quality materials. Because of the expenses and time it takes to make each suit we take our sponsorship's very seriously and expect the sponsors to feel the same.


Mandatory requirements to be an Angel Competition Bikinis sponsored athlete:

1. At least 50k Instagram followers, high positive engagement, or coaching a team of 20+. (Women who do not meet this could qualify for a partial sponsorship with us).

2. Athlete must agree with our sponsorship guidelines.

3. Athlete must be a current competitor who has competed in at least 1 show.

Sponsorship Guidelines:
  • Sponsored athletes cannot be sponsored or affiliated with any other competition suit company or swimsuit company.
  • Sponsored athletes are required to post about our company at least once every other week starting when you receive your first suit.*(see note)
  • Sponsored athletes are required to tag us in the comment section on every picture in our bikini that you post. (ex. suit by: @angelcompetitionbikinis)
  • Any progress pictures that a sponsored athlete post should be taken in an Angel Competition Bikini, Angel Beachwear, or gym attire. We ask that you do not post any new photos in other companies’ suits. We are happy to provide you with posing practice suits and suits simply for progress pictures. Sponsored athletes are allowed to post throwback pictures in other companies’ bikinis but are asked not to tag them in the comments.
  • Sponsored athletes are required to take a posing video in their Angel Competition Bikini and send it send it to

***We value our sponsored athletes and do not want them to feel pressured or obligated to post a certain number of times therefore this guideline should be viewed as a suggestion on what we hope you feel would be expected of you as a sponsored athlete. We understand there may not be as many opportunities to post bikini pics in your off season.

We believe the best promotion for any product is a real and genuine review of the product.


How to apply for a sponsorship with Angel Competition Bikinis

If you meet the sponsor requirements or believe you have the following to be an Angel Competition Bikinis sponsored athlete, please email the following info to with the subject line "Sponsor Application":

1. List of social media account platforms

Answers to the following questions:

1. Have you purchased an Angel Competition Bikini?

2. Have you worn an Angel Competition Bikini?

3. Have you ever been sponsored by a competition suit company? If yes, why are you looking for a new sponsorship?

4. What does being a sponsored athlete mean to you?

5. Why do you consider yourself a role model?

If you do not meet the guidelines yet you may be interested in becoming a brand ambassador. You must be a previous customer to be a brand ambassador. As an ambassador of our company it will show us what you have to offer when we are deciding on new sponsored athletes so even if you don't meet the sponsor guidelines we would still be open to sponsoring you if it benefits our company. Also, as an ambassador you will develop a relationship with us and we will post your show pictures on our Instagram helping you get exposure. As a brand ambassador, there aren't any guidelines or posting requirements, we just ask that your post about our company be genuine. If you're interested in being an Angel Competition Bikinis brand ambassador please email a picture of you in your Angel Competition Bikini to with the subject line "Brand Ambassador". 

How to get sponsored as an NPC Bikini competitor

Angel Competition Bikinis and competition figure suits


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