Off-Season Rules from IFBB Bikini Pro

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This is the longest time I've gone without competing since 2012. I honestly wasn't sure what my body was going to do. While I didn't keep on a diet (I should have!🙄), didn't track calories or fit macros, there are a few things I've adopted into my lifestyle over the years that I think has helped tremendously.

1. Always eat a healthy breakfast.

I would rather skip breakfast than have an unhealthy one. Sugar and fatty foods can be introduced after noon. Don't ask me why, but noon is the magic time in my brain.

2. Never skip a workout.

While of course it's important to schedule rest days, but in the grand scheme of things, stay moving.

3. Sugar is the devil.

It's unfair for me to say but I truly don't have a sweet tooth. Never really have. On average my sugar consumption day to day is very minimal. I think in the long run, this has helped keep body fat in check in my off seasons.


I don't play with my sleep. I'm not a night owl and I love going to bed early. That's all.

5. Coffee?

Research has proven that coffee can have thermogenic type effects in the body. Whether you believe that to be true or not, I drink a TON of hot black coffee.

6. Never two bad meals in a day.

I guess Whatever "bad" means to you, different for everyone. But if I eat out for lunch, its clean for dinner. If I have a carb overload during the day, ill taper off at night. (You get the idea). Never 2 shitty meals in a day.

7. BCAAs.

Every. Single. Workout. Every single time. I know it's a common supplement we all use, but I'm psycho about drinking mine. I'll often do 1/2 scoop before, full scoop during and half scoop after . My faaaavorite is @nutrithority Carmel Apple. So fire. (If u wanna try it inbox me I can get you a discount). Honestly I love a lot of their line.

8. Every day is a new day.

Don't try to "make up" for yesterday. No need to cut your calories the next day or do extra cardio. Just start fresh and try to have a better day. 



Coaching: Jennifer Caban @Diamond_Fit_Coaching

Suit: Angel Pro on Hologram Emerald with Emerald AB crystals


Training for IFBB Bikini Pro


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