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The recent Olympia 2017 started some rumors about the NPC and the IFBB. We've been receiving a lot of emails and messages about the recent changes and how it will affect female competitors. This blog post will try and clear up all of your questions.


What is is the controversy?

There was a dispute at the Olympia 2017 between Rafael Santonja and Jim Manion. The dispute started when the IFBB Amateur League and the NPC had a disagreement over who was judging the 2017 Amateur Olympia. 


Background information:

Rafael Santonja is the President of the IFBB Amateur League and IFBB International League. Jim Manion is the President of the IFBB Pro League. The IFBB Amateur and IFBB International are leagues outside of the United States similar to the NPC. The US does not have an IFBB Amateur League (we call it the NPC). Previously, athletes could compete and earn their pro card through the IFBB Amateur League.  


What has changed?

The only way to earn your IFBB Pro card and compete on the Olympia stage is through the NPC and NPC affiliated organizations. You cannot earn your IFBB Pro Card through the IFBB Amateur League.


How will this affect Angel Competition Bikinis?

ACBikinis supports and respects ALL leagues. This will have little to no affect on us. 



Nothing at all has changed for NPC competitors. This change will only disrupt athletes competing in the IFBB Amateur League striving to earn their IFBB Pro Card. 

National Physique Committee Controversy with International Federation of Bodybuilding.

We hope this helps! This is the information available as of 9/20/17. Angel Competition Bikinis is by no means stating this information as fact. Although trustworthy sources are cited below, some of this information could be false or rumors. We will try to answer any questions you still have about this controversy and update this blog as new information surfaces. Click here to read the official statement from Jim Manion. 



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