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New Angel Talk featuring the incredible @fitveganchef Natalie Matthews. Natalie shares her favorite go to vegan meal including a quick pancake recipe for those of you with a sweet tooth. Listen to this inspiring episode to hear about overcoming the obstacles faced with opening a gym during 2020, getting on stage when you aren't mentally in the right place, and much more. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us Natalie!

Natalie Matthews

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00:00.00 acbikinis Hello and welcome to angel talk I am so honored to be here with Isbb Bikini pro Natalie Matthews she has been competing since 2017 earned her pro card in 2018 and then went on to earn a top 5 placement in her rookie pro season and she did this. All on a vegan diet I'm so looking forward to this chat. So welcome to the show Natalie yeah, we're so excited to have you because I really want to dive into the vegan lifestyle because that's something that not a lot. 00:23.91 Natalie Thank you Kara I'm really excited to be here. 00:38.10 acbikinis Professional athletes do but it is becoming more common and I know there are a lot of questions about how you do it and some of your recipes. So I can't wait to share all of that knowledge with the listeners. So let's. 00:49.35 Natalie Yes, I'm excited. 00:54.17 acbikinis Talk about your competition history. So you started competing in 2017 what got you into the sport me. 01:01.43 Natalie Um, my husband honestly, he inspired me to do it. He started doing it in 2016 and I went to a couple of shows and I was like oh my gosh this is amazing like you know I always say like if you go to a show you you have like 2 reactions people that think that of these. People on stage are super weird or you know you get very inspired and and what's one of those that got extremely inspired and I just wanted a competitive outlet I grew up surfing and at that point in my life I wasn't able to continue doing that as a career. So. Yeah, my mindset shifted to bodybuilding. 01:37.94 acbikinis Yeah, so you have an athletic background coming from surfing because that actually it takes a lot of athleticism correct great. You had a good base starting off because you know when we hear you got into the sport in 2017 and you went pro almost immediately. 01:44.98 Natalie Yes, yes. 01:54.76 Natalie Yeah. 01:56.52 acbikinis You know there's always a back story to that. It's not like you were just some wonder child that had this amazing genetics. You actually put a lot of time in and the surfing and that built up your muscle and then you know you probably took a year of dedicated dedication to bodybuilder style and then. It I mean it worked whatever you did. 02:13.86 Natalie Yeah, surfing is an amazing like thing for the body because like I don't know if you've seen surfers they have like just the natural V taper that body builders want like we have white backs like broad shoulders because of all the swimming. And the way that we are on like the Surfboard. So I feel like I had a great foundation to begin with and just adding a little bit more muscle really gave me like that bikini look that was like being rewarded at that time. 02:41.94 acbikinis Yeah, so that's interesting that your husband got you into it and you've kind of surpassed him now because if you still compete. 02:48.50 Natalie Yeah, no, no, he did like his 1 and done and that was it and then I took over it. Yeah, he must have ba Tom to me. 02:56.33 acbikinis That's so funny. Yeah, so like he was just doing as a hobby and you were like oh that looks cool and now you're like 1 of the most successful ifpb pros that's an amazing story and I love that. 03:07.13 Natalie Thank you you oh my gosh I think I'm I'm at that point that I'm counting. Um, we met in 202010 and then we've been married since 2014 03:10.51 acbikinis How long have you and your husband been married. 03:21.67 acbikinis Oh I love that I love following you guys on Instagram because your marriage it's something that I aspire to you know and have in my life I'm fortunate that I do have a very good marriage but it's so helpful to see other people that you know you just seem to be really in love and it's just beautiful to watch. 03:38.19 Natalie Yeah, he's my best friend. So yeah, we're stuck together. 03:41.80 acbikinis Yeah, you can feel that when you when you look at you on Instagram. Okay, so let's talk about your vegan lifestyle when did you start living that lifestyle. 03:46.00 Natalie So. 03:51.60 Natalie We started in 2010 well I'm sorry 2012 so it's been almost like it was a transition period for me but fully being and I would say 1011 years now 04:03.91 acbikinis Um, so do you ever stray from that or are you just a hundred hundred percent 04:10.50 Natalie Yes, all the time. Yeah, when you're vegan, you're vegan, you know for ethical reasons environmental reasons Health reasons. So for me, it's not like a diet. It's a lifestyle and it's like rooted into my core at this point. So. 04:20.37 acbikinis Um, in. 04:26.47 Natalie For me, there's not like temptation if that makes sense I Just don't view non-beagan food as food. So for me, it's like very easy to stay you know in my lane if that makes sense. 04:36.80 acbikinis Yeah, that does make sense is just absolutely no temptation because for you, It's part of your personality. It's part of your core. You know you're one of your core values in life is that Vegan lifestyle and you eat vegan for ethical reasons. Do you want to go into that a little bit. 04:53.27 Natalie Yeah, I just don't want to like contribute to the cruel practices in the meat and dairy industry. So I choose to eat vegan and the crazy thing is we actually went vegan for health reasons and then it wasn't until a couple of years later that we learned about the ethical side and I always say like. See a lot of people that try the vegan lifestyle and they'll go vegan for a little bit and then be like oh that didn't work for me and they kind of like you know leave and I feel like usually it's because they just adopted the diet part. Not really the lifestyle and they really didn't understand like what. It is all about, but it's really about choosing passion over you know, right? now we live in a world where we have so many options like so we can choose that vegan option over the not vegan option. 05:30.38 acbikinis Um. 05:40.94 acbikinis Okay I love that choosing compassion over and then how did you end that sentence choosing compassion. Yeah I love that So what kind of Health benefits have you seen from the Vegan lifestyle. 05:45.20 Natalie Over like the blocking optionment. Basically. 05:56.88 Natalie Well my husband he's the that experienced the most I feel like he used to have like severe sinus infections and he got rid of that through the Vegan lifestyle by removing Dairy completely off his diet. 05:57.83 acbikinis Know. 06:11.22 Natalie I immediately I feel like I had a severe dairy addiction I used to do crazy things which is cheese I would put it on everything and it was to the point that it was like my main source of food so I wasn't very healthy I was just eating cheese twenty four seven basically and yeah I could see it in my physique I could see it like the puffiness and you know as soon as I like transitioned to a vegan lifestyle and I started incorporating more like healthy foods. You know more greens more vesies more fruits more colorful. Foods into my diet I started experiencing just amazing like energy and even like in my skin you would see it like in my face. So yeah and I grew up being hypoglycemic. My whole entire life and within a year that kind of went away slowly like I got tested and they were like you you no longer have it and I thought that was something that I was you know bound to have for the rest of my life. So. It's pretty crazy like how our lives transform. But yeah. 07:21.40 acbikinis Wow and thes. It's crazy to hear you know I'm someone I don't live a vegan lifestyle at all and I I live off of dairy a lot So when you were talking about the cheese I was like oh my gosh. What's meat. And yeah, but there's a misconception right now and that is that. 07:32.64 Natalie Um, so I'm not alone on this. 07:38.64 acbikinis It's hard to build muscle on a vegan lifestyle but you are a testament to that is not the case. So can you share some high protein quick recipes for the listeners. 07:48.50 Natalie Yeah, absolutely, that's literally what I do through all my platforms I just share high protein tea and recipes because I feel like's when I've first started. There was a huge gap with this now. There's so many people sharing. There's so many amazing vegan bodybuilderers are out there high level vegan bodybuilders too. So you know it can totally be done and some of my favorite protein sources are tofu. But if you don't like soy or you're soy intolerant. There's now soy-free tofu that's made out of Luini Bes Satan is one of my go tos because it is low low low in carb. Almost no fat and just stray protein. So. It's like the perfect like alternative for prep you know I call I make this bro meal with my satan which is made from bit wheat gluten and is the protein found in the wheat berry so it's just straight protein. 08:34.27 acbikinis E. 08:44.10 Natalie And it's amazing because I'll do my little Satan ball with some veggies and rice and I'll have my traditional bro meal but vegan stylele. 08:49.79 acbikinis Okay, so where do you, let's let's walk the listeners through so say I tomorrow wanted to do an all vegan diet where do I get satan that's the first question. 09:02.53 Natalie You can go to mostly any grocery store and vital weed gluten which is literally it comes in like a flour form you can find it in the baking aisle. Most specialty shops will carry a lot cheaper than regular stores just because they don't buy it in bulk. 09:07.90 acbikinis Okay. 09:19.75 Natalie The other specialty stores you I get mine on Amazon and I buy this big old I don't even know it's probably a couple pounds and it lasts me so long and all you have to do is add water to it your favorite spices and cook it. However, you want like you can steam it to make it more meteor. You can bake it you can grill it. You could do so many things with it I use it a lot on my baked goods. So I put it in my pancakes instead of using protein powder or I'll put it in muffins and yeah I have tons. Yeah. 09:54.11 acbikinis Wow! So it's almost like ah the whey protein version for like the vegan lifestyle because I'm someone I Love this sweet food. So when you said pancakes and muffins I was thinking. Okay so I can take the Satan mix it with water and maybe cinnamon and Stevia and make. 10:02.18 Natalie Um. 10:10.70 Natalie Yeah, so you kind of have to treat it a little bit different because so you probably have Satan I'm sorry vital wheat gluten into your diet if you look at the ingredients in bread. Most breads have bittawe gluten this is what creates that elasticity in the bread is what gives the bread the protein content. 10:11.36 acbikinis Pancakes out of it. 10:25.60 acbikinis Okay. 10:30.21 Natalie So you might see in some of like these carb breads that will be like eight twelve grams of protein. You're like where is it coming from. It's coming from the vital wheat gluten so you have to treat it a little bit differently. When adding to foods because it gets very sticky and that's what creates that? 10:38.12 acbikinis And. 10:48.64 Natalie I don't know chewwiiness and similarity to meat texture. But when you're adding it to your ba goods if you add thirty grams to a traditional pancake recipe. You're literally adding twenty five grams of protein into so it's going to change the texture just a little bit but just like any high protein food or bake. 10:50.18 acbikinis Okay. 10:59.78 acbikinis Oh wow. 11:08.36 Natalie But it's going to be a little bit more denser just because it has the protein content. 11:10.90 acbikinis Yeah, and I think body builders. You know we' used to that things don't always taste exactly how they should so I'm going to do this I'm going to make some satn pancakes tomorrow and I'll definitely go to your website and find the recipe that you have because Natalie has a very vast collection. Ah, vegan recipes vegan Youtube videos everything to kind of hold your hand and walk you through it because honestly it can be a little scary for people to choose a new way like a new lifestyle of eating but you're really great on providing the resources to help people through that. 11:46.16 Natalie Yeah, absolutely I'm always here like to help people and to answer any questions I never want to come off like as pushy. So I always I'm like here for people that just want to learn and be educated on the lifestyle because I know it can be very intimidating. It's literally like a whole new world. 11:49.68 acbikinis This night. 12:05.58 Natalie And then you add bodybuilding on top of it which is another different world and it's it's a lot but just like any lifestyle change. It just takes a little bit of practice just like if you're a listener and you started tracking macros for the first time I always compare it to that because it just. Takes a little bit of learning and tracking on my fitness pal to get used to that. So it's the same thing when you're going vecon. 12:26.52 acbikinis Yeah, well thank you for sharing all of that. Okay I want to go and talk about your competition history because you had a pretty. It's it's been a wild ride and I love how you approached the sport so 2017 you started 2018 you got your pro card. 12:41.33 Natalie Yes. 12:43.38 acbikinis 2019 you earned a top 5 spot and then you took a break for a while. Do you want to go into that. 12:47.38 Natalie yeah absolutely so yeah in 2017 I went with no expectations. Not really knowing what you know the future whole like if you would have told me where I would end up after that first season I would have never believed you. But. I had a lot of fun and I saw how much potential I had in the sport. I did when I decided to pursue bodybuilding I did take a whole building season before I ever stepped on stage so that was really helpful and something that I really like voice out to girls because. A lot of people see us on stage and they're like I want to do that and I want to do a sixteen week prep and be there I took literally like 6 to eight months to build a foundation in order to go for my first show. So I feel like that helped me a lot and to go that route and obviously I had the foundation. Of the surfing and then immediately went pro right? after which was honestly like the pinnacle of a body building like whatever wants and I feel like it happened so quick I wasn't even able to take it all in but it was a wild ride. 13:49.15 acbikinis Yeah, so. 13:59.21 Natalie And then my first season as a pro went amazing and I feel like it couldn't have gone any better I kind of slowly worked my way up the ranks and follow like the judge's feedback and I would try to apply it at every single show and with my last show of that season I placed. Fourth. And I was able to share this stage with Ashley coabwaser and that was amazing like I was just so starstruck I remember like I'm in that callout. What and yeah I decided to take a year offea after that to come back with an improved physique. But then. Life had other plans for me 2020 happen and that's when I wanted to come back and during that year I was you know I had a lot going on just like everybody else in the world and I just started a business I just purchased a gym and the world got shut down. So. 14:37.39 acbikinis Number 1 14:51.16 acbikinis Um. 14:54.23 Natalie This huge monetary investment weighed a lot on me and I added prep on top of that so that season didn't go as planned. It wasn't my favorite season because I was just not mentally there you know I was just kind of like very stressed and I think it showed in my physique. So then after that season I was like okay. Have to come back better I just have to bring my best and I know the sport has evolved so much that all I can do is control what I bring so I decided to take a 2 year off season to build and that was the best thing I could have done i. Really like lived and breed bodybuilding every single day I had so much fun. It almost became like bittersweet to leave that side of like the building face and go into a prep because I was enjoying it so much. But yeah I had a lot of fun with my training and then the season was my debut after my. 2 years off and I had a blast on stage. It was really nice placing that not go plan but it's probably if I look back in my bodybuilding career is probably my favorite season today which is kind of like and. 16:02.42 acbikinis Yeah, yeah, your stage photos were crazy and I know the play scenes you have a great mindset in knowing that it doesn't show your value your place. It doesn't mean like that's your value. That's how hard you worked. It's just a placing and even if it's not what you were hoping for. 16:06.84 Natalie Yeah. 16:22.34 acbikinis I Love the fact that you said your off season was going so well that you didn't want to end it. You know that is such a successful off season of and I watched you you're killing it in the gym and you still are like you really train hard doing to share anything about your training. 16:33.76 Natalie Yes, yeah, I've gone through different faces through my prep Journeys I guess I've done a lot of strength training I've done hybrids of just periods of. 16:40.99 acbikinis And. 16:49.70 Natalie We would call it power building where we would do a little bit of power lifting and then a lot of hypertrophy and just go through faces like that. So I love I personally love training like for strength it gets me excited. So I think that's why I fell in love so much with my offseason because my feedback was to grow. So when you tell me that you know yes, it's kind of like a little bit like oh man really I need more muscle but in terms of my training. That's how I have fun because I'm able to push weight to you know make those muscles grow so I had a blast and then yeah, this year we took a different approach into training because I had a good. Foundation. But now we just really need to work on the balance. So I had to take a few of those like compounds that I really enjoyed just to make sure that we were bringing balance because even though I did took 2 years off I'm a natural athlete so there's only so much I can do and. I just wanted to make sure to bring the things that I could control which was balance and symmetry conditioning things like that and obviously like the package that I put up there. 17:53.53 acbikinis Yeah, so I'm glad that you shared your story of your twenty twenty obstacle season type of thing because part of the sport of bodybuilding requires a lot of vulnerability and it's almost like when you're on stage if you have anything mentally. Physically spiritually that is not an alignment that shows in your physique. So any outside stress you have anything going on mentally if you can't work it out during your prep. It's going to show on stage. So 1 thing about bodybuilding is it truly makes you look at your life and your health. From every single standpoint It's not just about your physical appearance because your mental health really affects your physical appearance. So do you want to talk a little bit about that season. 18:40.15 Natalie Yeah I mean now that I tell people like if you have a lot going on in your personal life. A lot of stressors I don't recommend doing a prep because prep just kind of like enhances all that we put our bodies to so much and so much stress and you know everything's so rigorous and meticulous. You don't want to add stress on top of that we need to keep calm in order for. Do you know to like continue to progress but that year was really hard I think I was just going again. A lot behind the scenes with my business and just not seeing that how I intended it to and it was really hard on me. So yeah I think I used prep as a coping mechanism that year which I do not recommend I just kind of wanted to put those bladders on and kind of like numb what I was going through with prep and that wasn't a good thing but I feel like. That made me stronger and also like it got me to the point that I am today so I feel like all of those negatives and all of like those little bumps on the road. You know, depending on how you take them and and you, just decide to get back up with them is gonna tell a lot. So yeah I was just. Just trying to like get through that season as best as I could but I wasn't proud with what I was putting on stage because my mind wasn't there at all. 20:01.80 acbikinis Yeah, and I see this a lot even in myself using prep as a coping mechanism and I have done that to where I just get so focused and prep nothing else matters and life is great because I'm just avoiding everything. 20:17.47 Natalie Yeah, exactly. 20:20.20 acbikinis And why think of why I don't regret ever doing that because I feel like I've learned so much from going through that. So what lessons did you learn in that twenty Twenty season 20:31.95 Natalie Well definitely to don't put yourself through prep if you're going through those obstacles in your personal life just because again, you're and heightening everything with prep and with me. I Feel my most confident on stage when I know I've done everything through my prep journey to put my best on stage and because I was so stressed out because my mind wasn't in it I was kind of going through the motions that year you know and when you go through the motions and you put that package on stage. 20:54.62 acbikinis Yeah. 21:07.73 Natalie You can't sit right with it. You know so I feel like for me it was a learning experience of like if your mind is not there. Don't start a prep and that's my numb like my non-negotiable right now. So before I started this 2023 prep that was like as student, you know as soon as my mindset is. One hundred and ten percent ready that's when we're going. We're not putting any more timelines your mindset needs to be there first. 21:31.90 acbikinis Yeah I love that advice and 1 thing about bodybuilders is we are all so dedicated so resilient and so disciplined that even if we have these mental things going on even if we know intuitively. Okay, right now is not the best time to pray. Prep because I need to take care of these other things. It's almost a lesson that you have to learn the hard way because if you can go back and tell yourself like at the beginning of 2020 hey Natalie don't do this prep. It's not right? Would you still have done it hard. 21:54.52 Natalie Yes. 22:03.21 Natalie I Probably would have right. 22:07.24 acbikinis Like because it's we can tell people and we can give this advice like you know, make sure everything is in my mentally physically and you are a hundred percent ready but it's almost a lesson that we need to learn the hard way. 22:17.10 Natalie Absolutely and people have to remember like after prep you go back to the real life. So You know you can't like you know mess up relationships because you're going into Prep. You can't mess up your life because you're going into prep like there's more important things I'm prep and I think you know. Again, that was a valuable lesson for me to understand and yeah, sometimes it just takes going through it but you just got to look at every you know again every obstacle as a learning experience. 22:47.53 acbikinis Yeah I I totally relate to this because even this year my mind would go like when things get hard in life I'm thinking. Okay I'm gonna do a prep but then like wait a minute. What am I avoiding in life. What am I like you know I can do a prep but what am I avoiding what am I distracting myself from. 22:57.42 Natalie Yes, yeah. 23:06.79 acbikinis And need to figure out that stuff first you know so it is definitely a lesson to be learned. Okay, so 2023 you've had a great season this year what's next for you know. 23:07.60 Natalie Exactly yes. I don't know I I don't know what's next and it kind of feels pretty good to say that because for 7 years everything hasn't been just go go go and 1 prep to the other and even when I would take my off seasons. It was with you know with the prep. In mind that that's what I had to look forward to but right now I just want to like I don't know just enjoy training and I don't need a stage to be a body builder like this has become my lifestyle. So for now I just don't want to put a timeline on it and. 23:36.60 acbikinis Is. 23:52.52 Natalie I guess I'll be back on stage whenever the time is right? You know whenever I feel that tug again and I feel so at peace with this last season. What I intended to do with this season was just bring my best and I'm so happy with how. I was able to present that on stage that I think yeah I'm just happy just taking a season for Natalie which it's something that I haven't done in a while and maybe not focus so much on the extremes of like we have to build build build and cut cut cut just kind of stay in the middle and enjoy fitness. And yeah. 24:27.54 acbikinis Oh well I really love that there's just no timeline you're letting life play out I mean life is beautiful. We just have to let it unfold to. However it unfolds and go from there so I see you all over on Youtube and Instagram. 24:29.80 Natalie That's kind of what I'm planning. Yeah. 24:43.41 acbikinis Where can people find you to you know, order your cookbooks and learn your vegan lifestyle and and things like that. 24:49.47 Natalie So I'm on Instagram if spit being and chef and on my website you can get all my cookbooks this fitbeegan chef dot com and on Youtube which is my favorite platform because I get to do long form content which is my favorite and I get to connect with my viewers in a different way. That is Natalie Matthews fit vegan chef and yeah, if you type Natalie Matthews vegan I appear on the top. So yeah. 25:13.18 acbikinis Yeah, and we'll link it down in the description box for everyone to see and follow along on Natalie's journey so I wanted to ask you? What is the biggest obstacle you've overcome to get to where you are right now in life. 25:30.57 Natalie Um, I think I mean I think definitely that 2020 you'd like challenge me in so many different ways and I don't know I think being a business owner I mean you you know more. 25:34.74 acbikinis Yes. He can. 25:45.64 Natalie Than that that I know because you've done it for a longer than I have is just be impatient with the people that you are not being patient but like just being mindful with the people that you surround yourself and the people that you hired on that was a huge huge learning experience for me. Ah, yeah, just kind of be kind to yourself. That's that's that's another one just because I was so hard on myself that year and I put a lot of pressure on myself and I think, putting a lot on my plate as well ended up not being great for me so just being a little bit. 26:12.90 acbikinis Yeah, yeah. 26:22.38 acbikinis Yeah I love that advice of be kind to yourself because so often it's easy to knock ourselves down, especially you know, thinking of what you went through in 2020 where you open a gym and then immediately. 26:23.14 Natalie Mindful with that. 26:37.22 acbikinis The industry they got affected the worst almost by Covid was the gym industry because they just wouldn't let us continue I don't want to say it was affected the worst but definitely had major impacts on the gym industry. 26:45.90 Natalie Yeah, and in California they did not allow us to open so we would yeah there was no days off and I think everybody saw me disappearing from social media because I'm somebody that loves doing things good and and well and. I just couldn't juggle social media and this business. So I put everything into this business and yeah, we just were trying to make it work as best as we could, but you know we live and learn and and sometimes these things have to happen in order to make you stronger and yeah to allow us to give ourselves a little bit of grace and. Understand how much we can actually take on you know. 27:24.50 acbikinis Yeah, well I love that advice before we end is there anything else you want to share with the listeners about your journey coming forward or any big plans you have coming up in the year 27:37.90 Natalie Um, no I just we literally just moved from across country. We're in Florida now. So I am really happy to be back in the East Coast I love it here and I'm close to family. So. Yeah, hopefully I'll be able to do more events in this area I know that your guys are going to Tampa so I'm hoping I can make that work and hopefully be there and see you guys. 27:56.92 acbikinis Yeah, we'll be there for the Tampa Fashion show on August fourth so I would love to see you how far away are you from Tampa. 28:03.95 Natalie I don't know I think I need to Google that I think I might be wrong, but it could be like 4 hour drive I don't know. Yeah yeah, okay good I was just throwing a number I'm pretty sure it was. 28:10.31 acbikinis Okay, because you're kind of by lauderdale. Okay, yeah I think that is about 4 hours um yeah so you tried to open the gym in California. Oh wow that would have been very very difficult during covid because California was. 28:27.33 Natalie Um, yeah, um, no I learned you know that's not for me and but maybe under different circumstances. But yeah, I learned the hard way. It wasn't for me and I just. 28:27.55 acbikinis Probably the most strict state. So now if you have any plans to open a gym in Florida. 28:41.43 acbikinis So me. 28:46.23 Natalie I Think the timing wasn't right I think timing definitely amplified everything. But yeah, we'll see we'll see I'll never say never because you just never know. 28:55.50 acbikinis Yeah I Love your mindset. You're just like whatever happens happens and you're just gonna kind of let life play out. There's no timeline on things. Okay, so thank you so much for all of your wisdom be kind to yourself That was biggest thing I took away from this. 29:01.70 Natalie Um, yeah, yes. 29:13.18 acbikinis And I'm going to make some Satan and I say all right Satan sayan. 29:14.77 Natalie Say can yeah else into the recipe for for the little. There's a muffin recipe I think you would love so take? yes. 29:21.58 acbikinis Okay, I'm definitely going to try this out because I love experimenting. Well thank you so much for sharing all of your wisdom and I hope you have the best week ever Natalie. Yeah, thanks for being on bye. 29:32.83 Natalie Um, thank you for having me. Um.

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NPC News Online NPC WBFF Fitness and figure competition National Physique Committee Narmin Assria IFBB Bikini Pro International Federation of BodyBuilding, Blog about NPC Bikini, NPC bikini competitor advice. The why behind the Angel Fashion Show. Making women feel confident all stages in their journey. Showing the world that a strong and muscular woman is beautiful!! Walk in an Angel Fashion Show put on by Angel Competition Bikinis to feel confident in your body and show the world. Angel Competition Bikinis makes suits for the Olympians including Ashley Kaltwasser and Janet Layug. ACBikinis has also been worn by the top athletes in the bodybuilding world like Maureen Blanquisco, Lauralie Chapados, Lauren Dannenmiller, Phoebe Hagan, and Lucia Malavaze. If you want a suit that The IFBB Pro League loves, order an ACBikinis.

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