Macro Friendly Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bars

Macro friendly recipes for bikini competitors



Hi Angel Competition Bikinis Blog readers!! Taylor here from and the gal behind @iLikeMyFitnessTaylored on Instagram and I’ve got one DEEEELICIOUS sweet-tooth curbing recipe for you to whip up! Oh and guess what?! It’s CRAZY Macro-Friendly, meaning you can fit these bars into ANY diet and still stay on track! WINNING right?!  Follow IIFYM (if it fits your macros)?  All my recipes are already pre-plugged into MyFitnessPal with the Macros for each so you can just plug and chug and keep working on that bikini-bod while still eating goodies and staying on track!

Can we start by agreeing that edible cookie dough = awesomeness.

I've shared my love of cookie dough actually through making this recipe over on my blog: Edible Raw Cookie Dough.  I mean who doesn't love not having to wait for your cookies to bake, and just being able to dig right into the dough you're whipping up right there?!

oh you have self control when baking???

get outta townnnn!

you know you lick the spoon when you make cookies! so guess what?! you CAN with these bad boys if you want!  orrrrrr you can actually not eat the entire batch of cookie dough and turn them into the REAL recipe itself. not judgement here! 

oh and a pre-you're welcome, because i'm about to bring you a bar that is better then good. these soft fudgy bars are protein packed, gluten and dairy-free, aka: guilt-free and a moment of happiness jampacked into each bar.


so lets get to it shall we?

Gluten-Free Peanut butter Cookie Dough Bars

competition prep recipes for bikini competitor


i mean look at that thing... smothered in a little coat of dark chocolate, ready to devour...



be right back.. 



kidding! I didn't leave this post just to go grab one out of the fridge.



but do you know how hard it is to WRITE about these recipes and post pictures of ridiculous food-porn and NOT be munching on it while doing so?!



but no worries, I go grab one after I click "save"!

competition prep diet


 and you won't be saving these babies for very long, because you, your family, whomever will quickly devour these up! while still keeping that waist line slim & trim!



so here's whatcha need:



1 scoop Slap Nutrition Peanut Butter Protein (use code TAYLOR for 10% off)
1/4 cup almond milk
1/4 cup organic almond flour
1 cup oat flour
2 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil
65g semi-sweet chocolate chips



Step 1: In a bowl toss in your slap-tastic protein powder, almond flour and oat flour (ground oats). melt your coconut oil then add right in.  followed by the almond milk and VIOLA! everything is in the bowl ready for you to stir away!



bikini competitor diet figure competitor diet

Step 2: After you've combined everything together and it's nice and doughy, whip out a baking dish lined with parchment paper (easy clean up!) and plop it right in.

figure competitor dietcompetition prep diet food

Step 3: Spread it all out evenly then stick in the fridge while you prep the chocolate layer that gives your dough that extra pizazzz! '

bikini competitor diet recipes

Step 4: Double broil your chocolate chips - do this by putting water in a pan, laying a glass bowl over top making sure the bowl doesn't touch the water, just hovers, and put on medium heat and continue to stir chips until fully melted.

competition prep for npc bikini competition

Step 5: Get out that dough, pour chocolate over nice and even.

bikini prep recipes

npc figure

I dare you to not lick the melted chocolate.. i double-dog dare ya!

healthy dessert recipes

then stick your brick-o-heaven back in fridge just a few minutes for the chocolate to firm up then DIG IN! or cut into 8 bars and share with family & friends.. either

healthy bikini competitor approved desserts

I hope you love these bars as much as I do and they become a new family and self-approved go-to sweet treat recipe!!! 

Make sure to check out my blog where I share lots more Guilt-Free Sweet Treat recipes on a weekly basis!!  


don't forget to PIN these photos on Pinterest to save for later, as the link to this blog-post is embedded for you right in the photo!! win!

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