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The hardest part about being a bikini competitor can be to understand what the judges actually want to see in your physique. Angel Competition Bikinis is here to help with what we think the NPC judges are looking for in 2018. 

Angel Competition Bikinis IFBB Bikini Pros

This is a photo of 5 recent IFBB Bikini Pro Card Winners from NPC Nationals in 2017. They are all wearing perfect fitting Angel Competition Bikinis. Click here to shop for replicas of their suits. 

 We believe the NPC judges will be judging for balance and symmetry first and conditioning of the glutes second in 2018.


Lauren Dannenmiller for Angel Competition Bikinis

Lauren Dannenmiller is a wonderful example of this. She is an Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete wearing this suit and displays balance and symmetry of all muscle groups. 

Jenn Caban won her IFBB Bikini Pro Card and Overall Bikini Champion Title in 2016. She will be competing at the Olympia in 2018. She is also a perfect example of what the judges are looking for; symmetry and balance. Click here to shop for replicas of her suits.

What the NPC Bikini Judges are looking for in 2018, how to win NPC Bikini Competition

Your suit will play a huge part in your overall stage package that could lead to an IFBB Bikini Pro card win or not. 

The photo below of IFBB Bikini Athlete Jodi Akins demonstrates how Angel Competition Bikinis showcase your physique the way we think the NPC Bikini judges want to see it. 

What the NPC Bikini judges are looking for, how to win an NPC Bikini competition

1. The right amount of fabric covers her upper body to create a balanced shape. This is one of the most crucial parts to your suit. Whether you are an A cup or a DDD cup, you need adequate fabric to balance out your lower half. Click here to learn the best top size to order based on your physique.  You also NEED a suit that has hidden pockets sewn into it to add or remove padding. As your physique changes over prep, your boobs change a lot too! All of Angel Competition Bikinis are made with this in mind and have hidden pockets sewn in with removable pads. Click here to see the best way to pad your suit top. 

2. Your bottom connectors need to lay on your hips to help accentuate the "S" bikini curve. Notice how the bottom connectors lay perfect on Jodi's hips and her physique exhibits a perfect "S" shape. Angel Competition Bikinis are made with the highest quality 4 way stretch spandex fabric to lay perfect on your physique. We use your current glute measurement, height, and anticipated weight loss to find the perfect measurement to sew your suit to. In the case that your body changes a lot more than you anticipate, we also have alteration tabs hidden in every suit for an easy last minute alteration. Click here to see Angel Competition Bikinis bottom connector options. 

3. The bottom cut of the suit is rounded around the glutes and sweetheart cut at the top to accentuate the glutes you have worked so hard for. The elastic placement in the bottoms is placed to not dig into your skin. A suit making tip that is often missed is to not pull the elastic too tight around the bottom of the glutes; if you do it can create a bulge and that is the last thing you want the judges to see! After making thousands of competition suits, Angel Competition Bikinis know the exact placement and tension to put the elastic to show your glutes off to their full potential! 

Angel Competition Bikinis best competition suits for ifbb

Another strategy to determine what the NPC judges are looking for is to look at recent winners on the National Level stages. Melanie Cyr placed 2nd at the Arnold Amateur in March of 2018. 

Arnold Amateur bikini division

Melanie is wearing Angel Competition Bikinis Angel Pro Gradient. We asked Melanie if she had any tips on how she was able to earn 2nd Place at the biggest NPC competition of the year (as of March 2018). She responded,


“I went to a recent seminar and we were lucky to have one of the Olympia judges there. He said the look they are going for is whoever comes closest to the Bikini Olympia winner. I’m a big fan of Casey Samsel and I know she’s climbing up her way to the top.”

Olympia Bikini 2018

Casey Samsel placed 4th at the Olympia in 2017. She is an Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete and is someone who we should all look up to! Click here to view all of Casey’s Angel Competition Bikini Suits.

NPC Bikini division, how to win NPC Bikini Division

NPC Bikini division, how to win NPC Bikini Division

The last topic relating to what we think the NPC Judges are looking for is not new to 2018. This is your suit fabric color. You will want to choose a fabric that compliments your skin tone, especially with contest tan on. A few of Angel Competition Bikinis favorite fabrics are: Hologram Emerald, Hologram Eggplant, and Hologram Dark Blue. You can never go wrong picking our "Lucky Suit". Our Diamond Pro on Hologram Emerald with Emerald AB crystals has won 4 IFBB Bikini Pro Cards. It earned the title our "Lucky Suit"!


What the NPC Bikini Judges are looking for in 2018, how to win NPC Bikini Competition

Karlee, Jenn, Lauren, and Katie all won their IFBB Bikini Pro Cards in this suit. It's good luck for sure! Click the photo below to order a replica of our Lucky Suit custom made in your size. 

Angel Favorite Suit Lucky suit

We hope this helps you with your training for your 2018 NPC Bikini Season! Remember; balance and symmetry first, and conditioned glutes second. 

Angel Competition Bikinis

Angel Competition Bikinis NPC Bikini and Figure Suits

Angel Competition Bikinis The best competition bikinis and competition figure suits at Angel Competition Bikinis.

The best competition bikinis and competition figure suits at Angel Competition Bikinis. 


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