3 Crucial Glute Training Tips

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Having round, tight glutes with a strong glute-ham tie is so crucial when being a bikini competitor. Of course it is important to bring a lean overall package when getting on stage but your back shot is what can make you stand out among the other competitors.

It’s important to remember that having a “big butt” is different than having a stage ready booty. I thought since I’ve always had a bigger butt that this would be a piece of cake. WRONG.

glute training tips for npc bikini competitors, training for an npc bikini competition

The picture on the left is my first progress picture ever, and the picture on the right is exactly one year later where I ended up taking my overall title. A WHOLE YEAR it took for me to mold, sculpt and round that booty. Patience is key. Your body is so complex and amazing. The things it can do are endless so when it comes to changing it it takes time. With that being said here are some of my favorite workouts and awesome tips for creating a round, tight and lean booty.

My Glute Training Tips:

1. Always activate your glutes before starting your workout
Activating your glutes are sooo important. Glute activation exercises wake up your muscles and allows them to work hard during the rest of your workout.I like to do this by taking a resistance band and putting it around my ankles. Then I’ll do bodyweight squats, side steps to the left and right, and toe taps to the front and back on both sides.

2. Keep your weight in your heels
In almost all glute exercises I perform I keep my weight focused in my heels. This ignites your glute muscles, Where if your weight is focused more in your toes you ignite your quads.

3. Feel the burn and squezzzze
Squeeze your glutes when coming up from a lift or when hitting the top of your lift. Ex: when doing kickbacks, squeeze your glutes at the end of your kick. When doing sumo squats squeeze when coming up and when you’ve reached the top. By doing this you should feel a burn. The best kind of burn

glute training npc bikini


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