My Journey to an IFBB Bikini Pro in 2 Years

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"You are responsible for your health & happiness. Make YOU a priority."

My journey in the NPC started exactly 2 years ago as a 17 year old hungry for a challenge. My passion for health and fitness sprouted during my junior year of high school. Throughout my childhood and into my late teen years, I’ve been active and an avid participant in athletics. Although I was extremely active, I was not properly fueling myself to keep up with my active lifestyle. My family raised me on a enrich diet full of nutrient dense foods, so I was already an advocate on whole foods in my diet. However, I took that a step further by restricting my intake to a vegetarian diet (thinking this would help me reach my young teen goal body-skinny as possible) oh how was I completely wrong. My performance in my athletics took a major downfall since my energy could not be sustained with the amount I was eating. 

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At my smallest weight, 107lbs (I'm 5'5) I some how stumbled into a gym that screamed the "typical" bodybuilding atmosphere full of big weights, big muscles, and big headed people. You'd think as a fragile 17 year old girl I'd be timid and overwhelmed in that environment, but instead I found a home/safe place to learned (more than I ever thought) about what my mind and body were able to do and surrounded myself with people who believed DEEPLY in my abilities. With my coach by my side, putting up with my endless amount of questions and curiosity, I started my prep for my first bikini competition at the age of 17.

a young women committed to daily improvements to earn myself that Bikini Olympia Title one day to set an example of the importance of self love and passion.

Upon completing my first competition, I had created a negative relationship with food and I struggled with my body image (already comparing myself to the top pro athletes in this industry). I knew there was a healthier approach to keep this as a lifestyle and not jeopardize my relationship with food or most importantly myself. 

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This is when I TRULY began my journey into the fitness and health industry. I knew my health was deeper than what laid on the outside in my appearance, I knew I had a light inside of me full of love waiting to shine through on myself and those around me. Still to this day I am learning to unlock and brighten this light, with 3 AMAZING women by my side (Lauren Irick, Carson Siler, and Rachel Chiarelli) I am able to deepen parts of my mind I didn't know existed. 

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I firmly believe health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and soul. 



With 8 shows down, 2 overalls at the local level (Colorado & Northern California), 3 top 5 placings at the National level, and a still unbelievable achievement of my IFBB Pro Bikini title, I am continuing my journey in this industry as a young women committed to daily improvements to earn myself that Bikini Olympia Title one day to set an example of the importance of self love and passion.

Keep up with Karlee's journey. 

Instagram: @fit_karleej


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