How I Competed in a Bikini Competition with 4 Kids

Bikini competition after pregnancy, fitnes competition with kids

By Tiffany Davis

I am so excited to share my experience and tips for competing in a fitness competition after having 4 children! This month I competed in my very first bikini competition and immediately I was hooked! I have to admit, in the weeks leading up to the show I was extremely nervous. What if I couldn’t get lean enough? What if I couldn’t get comfortable with my posing? What if my c-section scar shows and affects my placing? What if I trip across the stage?! So many things ran through my mind and on many occasions, I honestly thought to myself, “What am I doing?!”

Bikini competition after pregnancy, npc bikini competitor and mom

My youngest child is 4 and my oldest is 13 so I also had to answer a lot of questions, “Mom, why are you eating like that?” “Mom, why are you always at the gym?” There were times it was very tough to muster up the energy to get to the gym after being Mom all day and helping to run our businesses. Not to mention being on a calorie deficit!

Bikini competition after pregnancy, npc bikini competitor and mom

But, I pushed through and I am so happy and proud that I did! Getting up on that stage was such an adrenaline rush and it felt amazing! Finally reaching that goal and overcoming all of the obstacles I faced to get there made it all worth it! My kids came to the show and cheered me on which made it even more satisfying. Here are a few tips I learned over my 9-week prep that will hopefully help other moms out there who are considering a competition!

Bikini competition after pregnancy, npc bikini competitor and mom

1. RELAX - This is the number one piece of advice I can offer anyone who is currently in competition prep or considering a prep. I worked it up in my head for so long that it really started to affect my moods and my outlook on the whole process. Stressing about your body, your posing, getting on stage, or anything else is only going to make it that much harder to get where you want to be! Stress can lead to loss of sleep and cortisol build up which in turn can make it even more difficult to lose body fat and accomplish your best package possible. Follow your diet, get your training in, listen to your body, and just trust the process! I promise you will get to where you want to be.

Bikini competition after pregnancy, npc bikini competitor and mom

2. EMBRACE your “Imperfections” – I have had 3 c-sections as well as subsequent scar minimizing procedures so I was extremely self-conscious about my lower stomach, where my suit would lay, and letting anyone see what I thought was just a hideous scar! But let me fill you in on a little secret I learned… Every single lady who will be on stage with you also has some kind of internal issue with her body! Whether it’s stretch marks, scars, or other perceived imperfections; we all have them and at times we are all insecure about them. Learn to embrace your body and your differences. Those so called “imperfections” are what make us all unique and beautiful.

Bikini competition after pregnancy, npc bikini competitor and mom

3. DON’T compare yourself to other women – Especially other competitors! I know I was guilty of obsessing over other competitor’s bodies on social media. I would say to myself, “I am not that lean or that tall” or “These girls are much younger than me and/or don’t have kids, how can I measure up?!” But another thing I learned is not to worry about other women. I am not in competition with them, I am in competition with myself! My goal was to be the best version of ME and that is exactly what I did! Don’t get me wrong, I still didn’t feel completely satisfied in my appearance but I think in a way that is a good thing. Always looking for ways to improve and bring your absolute best will only make you physically and mentally stronger.

4. TELL YOURSELF “I deserve this” – As a mother, we tend to think that doing anything for ourselves is almost a little selfish and takes something away from our families, am I right?! However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Spending hours in the gym each week, meal prepping, and the whole process in general does take a lot of time and energy. But keep in mind, it is only temporary. It is not going to hurt our children in any way to take some time to do something for ourselves! It is so very important to have an outlet, whatever that may be. It helps keep our sanity and it shows our children that it is okay to care about your appearance and your health! Setting a good example for our children is one of the best things we can do for them. So, if you have always dreamed or thought about competing but felt bad or guilty about taking that time for yourself, just DON’T. You are worth it and you and your family will be so proud of what you accomplished!

Competing in a fitness competition with stretch marks

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