Do you need a boob job to win your IFBB pro card?

Do you need a boob job to win your IFBB Pro card?


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Before Surgery:

Do you need big boobs to be successful as a competitor? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I became an IFBB Bikini Pro with a-cup boobs following several first place and overall wins. However, although they are in no way a requirement, fuller boobs can really help to present a more balanced shape (a major component of our scores) and things like stuffing your suit top can really create a great illusion. As with the rest of the package you bring to the stage, you control what you can and you make the best with what you got! 

Christina Dartt Boob Job Angel Competition Bikinis

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If big boobs aren’t required and if there are ways to fake it why have I made the decision to get a boob job? BECAUSE I WANT BOOBS! If I were to never step on stage again I would still be having the procedure. I want to get a boob job for ME - not me as a competitor, just me. This is a major decision that I’ve done my research on and have thought over for a long time, but not everything needs a deep explanation. I want some nice boobs to be a part of the body that I will live in for the rest of my life. Many are quick to assume that I only want them “because so many fitness chicks get implants” and I think that that is ignorant and judgmental. Yes, many in the fitness industry have fake boobs, but so do other women in all walks of life! Although I can’t speak for everyone, I think it’s safe to say that us “fitness chicks” work hard to build our physiques, but if we want boobies there just isn’t an exercise that we can perform to build them. Trust me, if there were, it would be “boob day” every other day. 

After Surgery

boob job for bikini competitors, do npc bikini competitors need fake boobs to win their IFBB Bikini pro cards?

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Angel Competition Bikinis

Angel Competition Bikinis

Angel Competition Bikinis

Angel Competition Bikinis

Angel Competition Bikinis

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