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The 9 BEST Bikini Podcast to listen to in 2021

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"This podcast is a must for anyone who is competing for the first time."


"After finding this podcast not only did it teach me what I feel is ‘ normal’ in the prep life but has taught me SOO many things competing!"


Hosted by Robyn Challands 

"I am 38 and considering entering a show before 40, but obviously had no idea if that was even feasible for me. Nicole has great info and insight!"


Hosted by Nicole Ferrier.

"Love listening to this! Both girls are so awesome, and I think the host does a great job as well."

-Cat beat

Hosted by Ashlyn Brown and Carolina Araujo. 

"Love this podcast! I am new to the body building world so this has been a wealth of information as well as helpful in keeping me motivated."

-Lauren Demarest

Hosted by Amy Ehinger. 

"This podcast is great! I’ve always been intimidated by bikini competitors but Savana is genuine and hilarious. I’m currently playing catch-up since I just discovered her, but I’m so glad she’s going to continue to record every week."


Hosted by Savana Sharp

"This podcast has helped me gain so much more motivation to push myself physically in the gym to give myself more endorphins to feel happier."


Hosted by Na'iyma Chew.

"Binge worthy! I always look forward to any content Paul Revelia puts out. It’s very informative, I always laugh. There’s always something I can apply to my daily life."


"Ashley and Adam are the best of the best out there and really lay it down honestly in this podcast with a no nonsense, no bs kind of mentality. I highly recommend it."


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Let Your Confidence Shine!

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