Fake Boobs? "F*ck the Mold!!"

Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete Angie Okon Fuck the Mold
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Angel Competition Bikinis and Angie Okon believe that ALL women; with and without a breast augmentation are beautiful inside and out.
The views expressed in this blog are those from Angie Okon.
This blog contains explicit language and is not appropriate for all audiences. 

The Reasons I Don't Have Implants

By: Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete Angie Okon

"You want to have a perky, perfectly rounded chest like all the girls on Instagram. You see all the other girls online, on magazine covers or at fitness expos who are fit & sexy with rock hard firm chests... or you have a dream of becoming an IFBB Pro but are told, FAKE tits first!

UGH gag me. Seriously, who made this a thing? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of fake breasts in this industry and, well the western SOCIETY.
Like there isn’t enough social pressure as a women in our culture to be the image of perfection. What does that look like? A fucking barbie. Which, hey, I don’t know about y'all but I am NOT EVEN CLOSE to perfect and it took me YEARS to be okay with that.
My entire 20’s I spent picking my body apart and thinking of the things I wished I had and how I could achieve them to make my overall look socially perfect. My biggest insecurity, you’ll never guess…MY BREASTS!
Before I consistently trained and would have been considered overweight (by medical standards) my breasts were big, saggy, and not perfectly round. Then when I would lose weight, they would be small, saggy, and the opposite of round, LOL.
Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete Angie Okon Fuck the Mold
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So as you can imagine as a young woman growing up seeing big round perfect Pamela Anderson Breasts bouncing around in my face, I was pretty insecure.
Beauty is such a hard mold to fit. Why? Because everyone's idea of beauty is different. I am so sad when I hear the way young women speak about their bodies and the negative self talk they openly speak about THEMSELVES!!
Yea, I have had enough of that shit. Fuck the mold.
When did I change my views?
Once I started to ask myself the important questions. Like, ‘Why are the things I wish I had the standard of which I would consider myself beautiful?’ .. ‘Who told me this is what I should look like?’ .. And more importantly ‘WHO the fuck decided that big giant tits, a 2 inch waist, and size 0 pants was what is considered beautiful or attractive?’ That is when it all changed.
Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete Angie Okon Fuck the Mold
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I started to look at my constantly growing, then shrinking, less perky and at times saggy breasts as MY breasts. In off-season I have a hefty C cup.. in prep I have a negative A cup.. They are my natural God given breasts and I finally can say I fucking love them.
No one will ever tell me that something about my body isn’t beautiful. We spend much of our lives as women hating our bodies…and for what? To fit what society or men deem the image of beauty?
And for those who dislike my breasts or any part of my natural body, they can find some one that fits the mold of what they think is beautiful, because baby, I love every inch of my body and I won’t change it for any one but myself.
Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete Angie Okon Diamond Pro Amethyst
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There is nothing wrong with being natural, and no one should ever be bullied or pressured into getting something unnatural that they do not want. I also believe in doing whatever the hell makes you happy…so if implants is what you want, more power to you.
But for those who feel pressured or feel like they need them to be beautiful or to become a professional bodybuilder, I and many of my comrades in this sport have accomplished PRO status and competed well as Pros WITHOUT implants.
The greatest part about this sport and the image of perfection we strive for on show day, is that we have INCREDIBLE suit makers like Angel Competition Bikinis that turn our skin flaps into beautifully shaped sparkle sacks!!
Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete Angie Okon Angel Pro Multi Color Peacock
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Because the overall package in this subjective sport includes good shapes, it IS important to have a polished look which includes the rounded shaped breast. Luckily this can be accomplished with a suit from Angel Competition Bikinis. They are all created with pockets in the tops to add as much padding as you need. I add a pair of Angel Enhancers and order a size medium to really fill them out. Once you are done with your show, you can go back to good ol’ natural skin sacks! (that’s what I refer to my show day breasts as lmfao)
Will I ever get implants…I think the answer is clear. No matter how my breasts change naturally, it is very unlikely. I believe in creating your own standards of what beauty looks like to you.
We shouldn’t all be from the same mold, and THAT is what makes us beautiful. UNIQUE."

By: Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete Angie Okon

Thanks so much for writing this Angel Blog Angie! We hope this helps those that are feeling self-conscious about their lack of breast. We completely agree with you Angie: no one has the right to tell anyone that something about their body isn’t beautiful. Be warned, there will always be haters out there that will comment negative things about our bodies; it’s up to us to decide if we listen to them or not.

You are Strong.
You are Beautiful.
You are Confident.
You are imperfectly perfect just the way you are and no one has the right to tell you differently!

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