Do I Need  a Backup Suit?

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We hear this question all the time: do I need a backup competition suit?!? Our answer surprises most athletes. No, you do not need a 2nd suit. Angel Competition Bikinis are made with the highest quality materials; you can 100% count on 1 ACBikinis to hold up backstage and show after show. Our connectors never break, our fabric maintains integrity, and we use a propriety glue mix to secure our crystals the best while keeping the most stretch in the spandex fabric. Should you WANT a backup competition suit? YES! This blog discusses the different reasons you will want and should get a 2nd suit and also addresses the budget questions you may have. You have spent so much time, energy, sacrifice, discipline, and will power to make it to the stage; we want to ensure you bring the best possible package and stand out the most despite the variables you may encounter. And if you don't have any tan, lighting, or other issues discussed in this blog it's great to have 2 amazing suits for your post show photo shoots!

Reason #1: Your Tan Color

As scary as it sounds, you never know exactly what color your tan is going to be. The photo below shows IFBB Bikini Pro Jenn Caban. Jenn used the same company in the left and right photos, and a different company in the middle photo. She did not alter her skin prep at all between the shows. Thanks for your help Jenn, we are very fortunate to have you as an Angel Competition Bikinis sponsored athlete.

I have experienced this first hand. The photo below shows how different my skin has looked at 3 different shows.

I did the exact same skin prep for all 3 shows.

I wish that I would have brought at least 1 back up suit color that contrasted from my first choice.

 Be warned that your skin can be anywhere from a light brown color, to a red color, or even the worst case scenario of a green color and all shades in between. If your tan color doesn't look good with your suit color, it's a relief to have an alternative.

Savana's red suit doesn't make her stand out on stage. 

Reason #2: Other Athletes' Suit Colors

Preface: this is our opinion; We are not stating for fact that having a different/contrasting color from the other athletes on stage will help you or hurt you. We think it's a great idea to have an alternative suit if the majority of athletes in your class show up in the same color.

 Amanda won her IFBB Bikini Pro Card in Angel Competition Bikinis Lucky Suit.

Diamond Pro. Emerald AB. Hologram Kelly. Starts at $550

Reason #3: Stage Background Color

The stage backdrop is often overlooked as a variable that you should take into account on show day. We are here to warn you that it could make a huge difference between standing out or getting lost on stage. The left photo below is of Kerryne wearing Angel Competition Bikinis Hologram Electric Blue that stands out and shines beautiful on stage! The right photo is Photoshop of an example of what it would look like if she chose to wear her red suit. She could end up getting lost on stage because her suit matches the backdrop.

Angel Pro Gradient. Hologram Electric Blue. Crystal AB and Sapphire AB. Starting at $550.

Reason #4: Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting can make a big difference in how your suit looks. If possible on your show day, watch a division prior to yours compete on the stage and look for which suit colors pop the best under the stage lights and which do not. If you have a backup suit you can wear whichever one stands out the most on the specific stage you are competing on. You can also try and find stage shots of the prior years show at or whatever division you compete in. This will only work if the venue, stage, and lighting are the same. Browse through the athlete photos and see which suits catch your eye the most. Use this information strategically to choose your color.

Jocelyn is wearing Angel Pro Multi Color. Hologram Cranberry. Sangria Mix. Starting at $550.

Suits for ALL Divisions!

Any of our designs can be made for any division: Bikini, Wellness, Figure & Women's Physique with no up charge based on your division.  We have the PERFECT pattern for your next suit, and the most skilled competition suit seamstresses in the world creating it! Scroll to look at examples of some of our favorite  suits. Every suit we make starts from scratch which means we can do any combination of colors, styles, and sizes. Let us create your dream Competition Suit!

Click any photo above to shop for your next suit.

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NPC News Online NPC WBFF Fitness and figure competition National Physique Committee Narmin Assria IFBB Bikini Pro International Federation of BodyBuilding, Blog about NPC Bikini, NPC bikini competitor advice