Choosing your Suit

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1.   Consider your skin color on stage before choosing your fabric color. You want your suit to stand out on stage so pick a contrasting color from your skin.  We especially like hologram eggplant purple, hologram emerald green, sequin royal, and sequin aqua on stage. Be cautious when ordering a light color fabric and be prepared to get the darkest tan of your life if you want a light colored fabric.  If you have blonde or light hair, we suggest choosing a darker color to contrast with your hair. If you have red hair, we recommend an emerald or blue color. If you have brunette hair, you can pull off any color, but hologram purple and sequin teal look especially beautiful. Click here to order your free fabric samples. Click here to see all of our fabric options. If you don't see a fabric you love, email for a custom order.


2.    Choose Crystals to stand out on stage. Crystals add sparkle and elegance to your suit. The more the better. Crystals come in so many colors. Our favorites are Crystal AB, Fuchsia AB, and Sapphire AB. If getting a crystallized bikini is out of your budget we recommend getting a sequin fabric. Click here to see all of our crystal options. If you don't see a crystal color you love, email for a custom order.


3.     Take your physique into consideration when choosing connectors. Pick whichever connectors you think will flatter your physique the best. If you have great abductors, connector #4 will look the great; they are small and won't distract from your muscle. If you’re shorter we don’t recommend getting the long dangle connectors. They can make your legs appear shorter, #3 is a great option. Taller athletes look great with connector #6. You can't go wrong with connector #1 which is our most popular. Click here to see all of our connector options. If you don't see connectors that you love, email for a custom order.


4.     Do not take the back cut decision lightly. We offer 3 different cuts for the bikini bottoms and 1 standard cut for our figure bottoms. The only difference between the 3 bikini cuts is the amount of fabric we use on the butt. We recommend the Brazilian cut for NPC bikini competitors. If your show requires 50% coverage we recommend getting the moderate cut. Although we don’t normally suggest it, we do have a high rise front option that is well suited for athletes that are not as lean as they want to be or athletes that want to cover a C-section scar. We only offer the 1 standard NPC figure cut for figure suits, but we can custom make any suit with more or less fabric at no additional charge. Click here for more information on our suit cuts. If you do not see a back cut that you love, write your custom preference in your order notes on the order form here


5.     The most important tip is to get the suit that YOU want to get. It’s your day, you should pick a bikini that will make you feel confident and one that you absolutely love. Consult the color, crystals, connectors and cut with your coach, but the final decision should be made by you! You are the one that is going to rock your suit! Click here for our athlete gallery of beautiful ladies rocking their Angel Competition Bikinis!


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