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with code AmbassadorJUNE


  • 15% off all personal orders 
  • Custom discount code to share for 10% off all orders 
  • 3% commission on all sales brought in with custom discount code 
  • Exclusive access to promotional sale items 
  • Social Media promotion 

Our 10 Sales Tips:

  • Add your custom discount code to your Instagram Bio or Link Tree 
  • Every workout, posing, competition post, add your discount code 
  • Post your code to your Instagram story with swipe up to our website where possible 
  • If you have a website, link our website and add your discount code to your website 
  • Give your discount code to all of your clients 
  • Do you have friends that compete? Share your code with them 
  • Post your code to your Facebook page 
  • Do you send out a monthly newsletter to your followers and clients? Remind them to use your discount code when ordering their suits 
  • Hand out ACBikinis business cards with your code added. We would be more than willing to provide you with a set of business cards that have your code  
  • Use the ACBikinis templates in the dropbox folder to share your discount code 
Click here to view templates

Social Media Recommendations: 

  • Post either 1 photo or 1 video every other week including products from ACBikinis. Posting more than this is helpful in bringing in sales 
  • Post to your Instagram Story at least one per week. This is an easy way to spread your code and encourage it’s use. We recommend adding a link to our website in a swipe up on your story when possible 
  • Add Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athlete to your Instagram Bio 
  • Add an Instagram Story highlight and update every month 

Great examples of posts: 

Your social media account is one of the best tools for generating sales and gaining engagement for yourself. It is free and so easy to use. Here are some tips for creating great content and some examples to help increase your engagement.

  • Make sure your background is clutter free and simple 
  • Make sure you have good lighting.
  • Ask questions on your posts. This creates an interaction and increases your engagement by interacting with your followers 
  • Create stories with interaction  
  • Show your face and talk with your audience 
  • Post workout videos side by side with stage photos 
  • Posing videos, posing videos, posing videos!