What to Expect IN PREP

Angel Competition Bikinis Brooklyn Hillenbrand What to expect in prep

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Hi ACB Fam! Let me formally introduce myself - My name is Brooklyn Hillenbrand, I am a Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini competitor and an Angel Competition Bikinis sponsored athlete. 2018 is the year I am shooting for that IFBB Pro Card starting with NPC Junior Nationals in June!

I entered into the NPC world when I was just 17 years old and a senior in high school. I have witnessed the division change right before my eyes and evolve into what it is today! To kick-off my YouTube series "Prep Diaries: Season 2" I went to my Instagram, @BrooklynHillFit to as any and all questions that I touch on fully in my video.

Angel Competition Bikinis Brooklyn Hillenbrand Do you even prep?

Below I recap on the Top 5 questions asked that you need to know! I hope this brings value to your journey and wish you ALL the best of luck this season!!

1."How to find a good prep coach?"

The only appropriate way to start this off is... "WOW... That is a great question." I think we have all heard those prep coach stories where newbie competitors spend big $$ on cookie-cutter coaches who end up completely screwing them over. Guess what? I've been there. We live and we learn. 

When searching for a prep coach, as around! Find some of your favorite competitors who are killing it on stage and in their off season, and see who they are coached by.

Make a list of coaches and reach out to them - I call this step "Coach Shopping." Get on the phone with them and jot down a list of questions to ask. Questions should include topics of coaching style, background, and price. All three of these factors should align with you and your goals!

Brooklyn Hillenbrand Angel Pro Multi Color Hologram Cranberry Angel Competition Bikinis

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2. "How do your workouts change when you start prep?"

Quick answer: They Don't.

There is a HUGE misconception running wild that once you enter a contest prep or fat loss phase, you immediately lose all strength and can't lift heavy. This is 100% false. I'm now 8 weeks into prep and still hitting PRs. My strength is still very high and I'm taking full advantage of that.

Ladies - Stop making excuses!

If you're absolutely dying a week or two into prep, you should reevaluate questions #1. I will say the only thing that changes at the start of prep is my cardio regimen. At the end of the improvement season, I wasn't incorporating any cardio training, but that was slowly added back in when prep started. Other than that, weight session are heavy, focused, and intense as always.

Brooklyn Hillenbrand Do you even prep Angel Competition Bikinis

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3. "Tips on counting macros and staying on track?"

Just like with sticking to a consistence gym schedule, tracking macros takes time and discipline. Again, this is a lifestyle change which requires you to step outside of your comfort bubble.

My best advice to ensure a successful day of meeting your macro goals is to plan ahead. The night before, plan out your meals for the next day and prep those meals out. Being prepared is EXTREMELY important no matter if you're following a strict meal plan or flexible dieting approach. If you're anything like myself, I stick to the same few meal option for my core meals and snacks. With school, prep, and work, I simply do not have the time to make elaborate, new meals creations, so the basics are my go-to.

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4. "How do you deal with random weight jumps and what do you do?"

As females, expect weight fluctuations even if it isn't your time of the month. It happens. If it is my time, I let me coach know before I send a check-in 3 lbs heavier in the midst of prep. I end up checking back a few days later to accurately access my progress.

If your weight randomly jumps one morning, take into account a few different factors: Last meal before bed, amount of sleep, and stress levels. All three can impact your morning weigh-in and cause bloating/water retention. Do NOT stress. Stress and high cortisol levels put the body in fight-or-flight mode. This is not ideal for someone dieting (aka "controlled starvation") and can be a reason for a weight plateau.

Brooklyn Hillenbrand What to expect in prep Angel Competition Bikinis

 5. "How do you choose the perfect suit color?"

Hair color and skin tone are two important factors to take into considerations when choosing your suit. In the past, I've found competitors with similar hair and skin tone to myslef and based my decision that way (i.e. Courtney King has always been my inspiration!). 

If you are completely stuck on color, Angel Competition Bikinis does a fantastic job with sending color swatches and helping competitors with informational posts and guidance. You're in the right hands here ladies!

Angel Competition Bikinis Brooklyn Hillenbrand what to expect in prep

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