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What's in my show day bag!

Posted on June 06 2018

Natalie Matthews What's In My Bag? Angel Competition Bikinis

What's in my show day bag?

By: Natalie Matthews

I travel out of state for most competitions. The bag that I bring with me as my carry-on doubles as my show day bag.  

1. Loose Dark Clothing: I like to bring an oversize hoodie and baggy pants.  I wear these to my tanning appointment on Friday, and I usually sleep in them until my next appointment on Saturday morning.  

2. Posing Suit: I bring my Angel Competition Bikinis posing practice suit for daily check-ins during peak week leading up to show day. Vegan Donuts for the win!

3. Emergency Kit: I keep touch up makeup, eyelash glue, tweezers, sewing kit, and contact eye lens solution.

4. ACBikini Robe: I wear my robe backstage to protect my tan; the crystals on the satin material make you feel confident and classy! 

5. Flip Flops: Staying comfortable on the big day is a must! 

6. Curling Iron or Flat Iron:  I keep these always in my bag in case I need to touch up on show day.

7. Clip-in Hair Extensions: I have short hair, so I bring my clip-ins with me to my hair appointments the morning of show day. 

Natalie Matthews What's in my show day bag? Angel Competition Bikinis

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8. Heels

9. Headphones and iPhone charger

10. Black or White towel (watch my full video, to find out why I use a towel on show day)

11. ACBikinis Suit Case: a special protective case for your Angel Competition Bikini!

12. ACBikini Deluxe Jewelry set: this set made me feel so confident on stage!



13. ACBikinis Competition Suit: the best quality, perfect fit, and amazing customer service! I highly recommend this brand!

14. Boobie Inserts: I like to stuff the girls! The best kind are the gel silicon ones, they give you a natural but intense lift! Angel Competition Bikinis makes a pair for $18 called Angel Enhancers which work great!

15. Meals and Snacks 

16. Resistance bands: for backstage pump up

17. Slip-on black dress: For post-show celebrations!

Check out my full YouTube video:

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