How to Survive Show Day

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You’ve did it! Show day has finally arrived and you are ready to show off all your hard work and dedication. Competition day is unlike any other, it’s a combination of both rushing and waiting around. Some of these tips might seem pretty basic but trust me they make a huge difference! Below are my top 5 tips to help make your show day more successful.

 1. Watch the time

Be on the safe side and arrive early to all your appointments. I’ve heard horror stories of girls not giving themselves enough time and being late to the athlete’s meeting, not having enough time to finish hair/makeup, not being able to get tanning touch-ups or practice their posing. You don’t want to be that girl throwing on her heels at the last second and running on stage.. or worse, miss your class! Having some extra time to collect your thoughts and prepare for the stage will help calm your nerves and put you in the right mindset for the stage.

2. Ask questions

If you don’t know something, just ask a fellow competitor or an event staff person. It can be intimidating to talk to someone you don’t know but this is a great way to get useful information, meet new people and make new friends. You’re surrounded by others who probably have very similar interests and aspirations as you. Plus finding a group to be with backstage makes the day much more fun! At past shows I’ve bonded with girls by sharing rice cakes and talking about asparagus.

3. Prepare

Lots of things can go wrong on show day, so plan ahead. Having some extra items readily available on show day will guarantee that you are ready to handle any potential mishaps. You probably won’t need most of these and you’ll be carrying around some extra luggage but you’ll be thanking yourself if you ever need them! (Extra suit or sewing kit, extra heels, phone charger, fabric glue, bikini bite, safety pins, lip gloss, paper cups, extra food, salt, makeup, resistance bands, extra jewelry).

4. Have a positive attitude

Having a good attitude on show day will help make your experience that much better. Of course everyone wants to win, but you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t end up doing as well as you thought. Going into a show with super high expectations sets yourself up for disappointment. Stepping on stage with zero expectations and knowing you gave everything your best effort will help your confidence shine through when you step on that stage.

5. Most importantly.. Relax

You’ve trained and dieted for weeks, all the hard work is already done! Show day comes and goes so try and sit back and have some fun. Plus, stress can have a negative effect on your physique. Even if you’re nervous or self-conscious, go up there and pretend like your confident! The judges can tell if you’re enjoying yourself on stage or not so why not have some fun? Go on stage, smile and rock your routine! Own your time up on stage, you deserve to show off all of your hard work.


About the Author: Christina Lynn is a National Certified Counselor and a two time nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor. She is currently based out of Texas. For more information you can contact her below.


Instagram: @christilynnfit


Twitter: christilynnfit_

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