Choosing Your Back Cut

How to choose your NPC Bikini back cut, what back is for npc bikini division

We were so grateful to have Jodi Akins visit Angel Competition Bikinis headquarters and model all of our different back sizes. Watch the video below to see Jodi model our: Micro Pro Cut, Scoop Front, Pro Cut, Regular Front Rise, Brazilian Cut, Moderate Cut, High Rise, and our Figure Cut. 


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Bottom Back Cuts

We offer 5 different bottom back cuts: Micro Pro, Pro, Brazilian, Moderate and Figure. All Bottoms come with a full scrunch/pucker butt. 


Optimized  Micro Pro Cheeky Angel Competition Bikinis NPC bikini cut-opt

Our Micro Pro is our most revealing cut. It has 1/2 inch less fabric on each cheek than our pro cut. Not recommended without coaches approval.


Pro cut bikini Angel Competition Bikinis NPC bikini cut

Our Pro Cut has 1 inch less fabric on each side than our Brazilian cut. Recommend for petite ladies, athletes who really want to show off their glutes, and competitors on the NPC National Stage or similar. 


Brazilian Cheeky Angel Competition Bikinis NPC bikini cut

Our Brazilian cut is our most popular cut. It shows off the glutes while providing more coverage than the Pro Cut. It has 1 inch more fabric on each cheek than the Pro Cut. Recommended for NPC Athletes. 


Moderate Cheeky Angel Competition Bikinis NPC bikini cut-opt

Our Moderate Cut is our most conservative cut. It can be worn by any athlete in any league. It has 1 inch more fabric on each cheek than our Brazilian Cut. Perfect on the CBBF, OPA, and similar stages. 


NPC Figure suit Angel Competition Bikinis NPC Figure division cut-opt

Our figure cut style is the standard style and coverage for the figure and physique division in the NPC and similar leagues. 



Bottom Front Cuts

We offer 3 different bottom front cuts: Regular (made unless otherwise specified), High Rise, and Scoop. 

Angel Competition Bikinis NPC front

Our regular front cut is made unless otherwise specified. It works perfect for 90% of customers. Our regular front rise is based off your height and glute measurement to fit how the judges want it to look on stage.


Higher front rise for c-section scar for npc bikini competitors

Our High Rise Front is special ordered by athletes that want a more conservative look on stage. It is also ordered by athletes who want to cover up a c-section or other scar. Write, "high rise front" in your suit notes to receive this cut. 


Scoop front cut for NPC IFBB Bikini competitor

Our Scoop Front Cut is special ordered by athletes with a very low body fat percentage (<8% BF), or who prefer a very revealing look on stage. Write, "Scoop Front Cut" in your suit notes to receive this cut. 

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