Your Mindset Can Manifest Your Health.

Your Mindset Can Manifest Your Health. 

Your Mind Can Manifest Your Health Karlee Garland Angel Competition Bikinis

Healing vs Hurting.

Our mindset is a crucial component of healing. It is truly our superpower. Your thoughts, beliefs, expectations AND your mindset—impacts your health, how quickly you heal, and how well medications work for you during your recovery process.

My 2017 competing season lasted 8 months, by starting with a regional stage in Northern California, then off to the windy city of Chicago were I fell short of my goal of going pro, to then achieving that goal in New Jersey at Team Universe. To top my season (and body) off, I ventured onto my pro debut in the sunny state of Arizona alongside the best in the world at the AZ Pro Wings of Strength. After stepping off my first ever IFBB Pro Bikini stage earning 9th, I had no idea what the next six months of my life were going to entail. 

Your Mind Can Manifest Your Health Karlee Garland Angel Competition Bikinis

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Yes, this has been a physical #transformation, but majority of it has been a mental transformation. I went from hurting and neglecting my body’s cry outs months on end, to healing and honoring my body’s needs daily.

I approached this healing process with my competitor’s mindset and willingness to learn, heal, and commit myself to this new journey. My mindset was “your healing begins with you”. You can turn to others to help, but just like preparing for a competition, your final outcome (or in my case, the healing process) begins with your commitment. We become determined to rise out of pain and adversity to achieve what we set out for. 

Karlee Garland Blog Angel Competition Bikinis

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We must be willing to be present to ourselves, no matter what is happening. We become willing to open our inner ears and listen to the words of our true self, where the wisdom to our healing and success lies. We must be willing to believe more in the power of healing and succeeding than the power of setbacks and adversity.

Most of us competitors can relate to the “grind time”, “no days off”, “brush yourself off, & get back up”, and my favorite “a Pro wouldn’t take time off”. For me personally, living this extreme lifestyle was and is not maintainable. Our bodies are capable of amazing things, but to ensure you keep your overall health, well-being, and happiness in check during that process, #balance needs to happen.

Your Mind Can Manifest Your Health Karlee Garland Angel Competition Bikinis

I now honor my body by listening to it, honoring the signs when to back off from an intense exercise that bring unnecessary stress, nurturing it with WHOLE nutrient dense foods, and affirming it with love and respect. #selflove 

When we can shift our beliefs about our limitations, we open ourselves to a whole new realm of possibility for our personal journeys. Get curious about expanding beyond your limitations, and get in touch with your inner self.

The solution was simple for me: start listening to yourself. Hearing yourself is truly healing yourself.

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