Interview with a Wellness Olympian


00:00.00 acbikinis Hello and welcome to angel talk I am here with the one and only Marissa Andrews who needs no introduction at all she brightens the world one smile at a time and she earned the title of at her first Olympia ever Seventh place. So welcome to the show. Marissa. 00:17.43 Marissa Andrews Oh my gosh. Thank you so much that was such a sweet introduction. Oh thank you so much for having me I'm excited. 00:24.77 acbikinis Um, yeah, I'm really excited to talk to you especially because you're like two days out how many I mean hours at this point right. 00:28.72 Marissa Andrews 3 ah not to be specific I'm definitely not counting the time but it's absolutely two days 23 hours fifty 9 minutes and 3 seconds but like it's fine. We're good. We're doing one? Yes, yes. 00:39.16 acbikinis Um, yeah, that is a dedication you need right? Yeah, okay so let's just start from the arnold because it's so soon. So what are you doing in your prep that maybe differs from your olympia prep. 00:47.21 Marissa Andrews Laser focus at all times. 00:57.95 Marissa Andrews Um, so this prep was a lot quicker than the olympia prep the olympia I was in prep like in my cut for I want to say five or six months so it was a very slow, very kind of the process. 01:07.90 acbikinis Will type. 01:12.50 Marissa Andrews Just unfolded week by week and that's when we saw our our changes we saw them week by week month by Month. Um, and as you know we got the arnold invite eight weeks out so there is no month to month because if you go month to month. It's show day so it was it immediately was following. The Olympia I went home to my big fat Greek family and my mom was like you're so skinny I could snap you like a she was like eat this cheesecake eat this. She made this thing where was like a baclava but like wrap the took brie but she wrapped it in baklava. So like. 01:41.39 acbikinis How. 01:47.66 Marissa Andrews How could I say and so anyway so she like she feded me so I got real fed and then they're like okay you have eight weeks to lose it all. So this prep has been a lot more intense I would say it's honestly been harder than the olympia prep um in a way. It's kind of my motivation. Has been out the window and this prep has been solely based on discipline. So the plan itself the diet the cardio the training really hasn't differed too much but where the changes come in is how I'm approaching it and how I find my. Drive to keep going. It's not that I wake up every day and I have this pie and this guy goal of making it. It's top 10 of Olympia. It's I reached this goal that I thought was going to be pie in the sky take me years to reach and now they're like okay well you just won the race but keep sprinting for another mile. So. That's where the discipline and that's where that dedication and drive really has come in this prep. 02:44.48 acbikinis Yeah, and I'm really glad you're talking about this because we see athletes like you and we just think they're always motivated and motivation is not something that you can always be on so I like that you brought up the fact that you're relying on your discipline. And almost like it's like the quote don't think do because when you don't have that motivation. You need something else that can make you do it. So it just ah like if it's on autopilot if it's a habit and you're someone who has very very good habits and I know this firsthand. 03:06.52 Marissa Andrews Yes. 03:23.33 acbikinis From seeing you. You know you are in school right now and you're prepping for the hardest competitions in the world and especially you were talking about how you know you won seventh plates at the olympia you're on a high and then it's holidays you eat everything and then you're eight weeks out what day. Do they tell you. Ah, you were eight weeks out like it was it was mid-january or somewhere around there. 03:42.77 Marissa Andrews I I don't remember the exact it was end of January Mid -january so I remember it was like nine weeks out and I was on the phone with sunny and we're like we were talking about but like are they really not telling people did they send the invites and we just didn't get it like that's okay I just would love to know. 03:55.62 acbikinis Have. 04:02.68 Marissa Andrews Because like I'm trying not to go crazy off the bandwagon. But yeah, it was eight weeks definitely not nine weeks I remember the conversation at nine weeks saying how is it already nine weeks out and they haven't told us so 8 peaks. Yeah. 04:12.90 acbikinis Do you think since it was only eight weeks the competition is going to be different. 04:21.37 Marissa Andrews Um, I think a lot of girls have pulled out if they believe that they wouldn't have been ready. Um, but when I say that I'm going to do something and this is absolutely not a knock to anybody. Um, you know there was moments where. 04:29.49 acbikinis Are. 04:37.87 Marissa Andrews Don't get me wrong. There was moments where I texted my coach I'm like I should pull out I shouldn't do this I don't think I can do this? Um, but you know eight weeks to do an entire prep even for pros after coming off of five six months of prepping for the biggest competition in the world. That's not something you can just easily ask of somebody. 04:46.74 acbikinis Um, yeah. 04:55.93 Marissa Andrews Um, and this prep has honestly taken every ounce out of me so I have been telling my friends like even if I get last place I'm still going to collapse on stage because I thought I gave it my all to the Olympia which I did and they're like okay keep going so that's where my whole. Everything is just going to. They're like what do you want to do after the show I'm like I just want like can we order takeout like I don't even want to go I just want to lay in my bed. My friends and my family and watch a movie and just exist for just one night because I feel like I've been going and going and going since July first of last year so I'm very excited to just exist. 05:17.64 acbikinis Yeah. 05:28.81 acbikinis I have tis for that story because I am absolutely obsessed with what the human body can do pushed to its ultimate extreme and you just said you thought you had pushed it to where it to go. Everyone thought that at Thatlympia we're like how does how did she make it there. 05:31.98 Marissa Andrews So. 05:48.56 acbikinis And then it's like well wait I can even go harder and it's so inspiring to see people like you push themselves so much farther than we thought was even possible and I think it's very inspiring for whatever you know your field is this isn't just about body building. But you know you're in school right now learning to become a dentist and you're doing cosmetic dentistry right. 06:15.51 Marissa Andrews That's the game plan. So I have to graduate from dental school first. So then I become a licensed dentist and licensed general dentist and then it's up to me from there to decide whether I want to go into a residency program or if I want to use my general dentistry and then do specializations and earn. Additional certifications on my own but the game plan at the moment but as we've learned in life if you would have asked me what I'm doing two years ago um there's no way in how I would have told you I was competing let alone competing at the arnold so life is crazy life moves in a billion different directions but the game plan as of right now. Is I would love to go into cosmetic industry. My hand skills are I don't want to make it sound braggy but I'm I'm good at it and I love it so that you know I was a fine arts background in undergrad I have a dual degree in fine art and design as well as biology. 07:00.26 acbikinis Yes. 07:09.19 Marissa Andrews So I really wanted to be able to use that art for good and like you said like I'm crafting smiles and that's what I love to do with bodybuilding and that's what I want to do with dentistry and what breaks my heart is that there's girls that I've talked to on stage and there's girls that when they do these question answers. They. They're Asked. What's your biggest insecurity on stage and I'm sure the people asking these questions are saying it because oh is it Your glutes is it. You're this is it this your shoulders and their answer is my smile and it breaks my heart to imagine. 07:40.41 acbikinis Tome. 07:43.85 Marissa Andrews Somebody on the biggest day of their life. Could you imagine? So I was gonna make me cry on the olympia stage you work so hard. You do all of that prep for months and months and months and the only thing you can think about when you're on stage is how your smile looks like that's just I know it's not like. Open heart surgery but it's giving somebody something that brings them joy and that's what I want to do and that's what I do with bodybuilding and that's what I try to portray. Um and that's really what I want to do with my digital career. So whether long story short whether it's cosmetic dentistry or some other avenue. My goal is to just make people's lives better so we'll figure that out when we get there. 08:13.30 acbikinis Um, you. But. 08:16.88 acbikinis I Absolutely adore that story and I was getting ready to ask you? How do you stay so disciplined. How do you stay on track when you're not motivated but you just answered it because I could hear in your voice I could see in your manual of mannerms. 08:20.57 Marissa Andrews Perfect. 08:35.86 acbikinis Why you are so disciplined and why you can dig deep and keep going and going and going is because of 1 word passion. You are so passionate about helping women feel confident with their smile and bodybuilding and it's people like you that I'm drawn to because I see that passion and I just want to be a part of it like I feel. 08:41.80 Marissa Andrews Yeah, but. 08:55.67 acbikinis Some female that have this magnetic pull toward and it's those people that have so much passion. Um I'm really big on you know like I am the average of the people I hang out with so I would love to like be like you are part of the average to me that would be yeah. 09:08.28 Marissa Andrews Use Ta me story and it I was walking into class if I I literally saw it and I tearered up I was like that means the world to me because I feel the same exact way about you. You are a ray of sunshine like pure heart of gold like the yeah sorry. 09:20.76 acbikinis Ah. 09:24.50 acbikinis I Love that and when you started when you're like I'm gonna cry talking about women's smiles I could feel like it's that energy and it's something you know you don't talk to talk. 09:27.87 Marissa Andrews Hit. 09:37.13 acbikinis You walk the walk. Not only do you walk the walk but you walk it so authentically and it's so inspiring to see you own everything because I know that your family your your mom and dad do to speak a little bit about that. They're not they haven't always been super supportive with you. 09:54.31 Marissa Andrews Yeah, um, so my family is very traditional greek orthodox um my grandparents were born and raised in Greece so the idea of having their daughters daughters um half dressed on a stage. 10:03.91 acbikinis Are. 10:12.24 Marissa Andrews Is well I'll even back up to have their daughters have a lot of muscle density is something that it actually brought my grandmother to tears at one point when I was able to pick up 2 cartons of water and she cried and said I had arms like a man and I said. 10:14.23 acbikinis And help. 10:28.47 Marissa Andrews I said Yeah yeah, you find me a man that has arms that look like this I'll marry him like that. Okay and she liked that answer. Ah yeah, so but then my parents you know they don't really they they do now but they didn't always understand what bodybuilding was alexa sap. 10:35.46 acbikinis Um, ah. 10:47.58 Marissa Andrews Um, they they really didn't understand what bodybuilding was they just saw their daughters in a bikini prancing on a stage and I think that it took I'm a little bit of a shad can I sorry on him So my sister is. 11:02.36 acbikinis Um, you can do whatever you. 11:05.14 Marissa Andrews That she has a heart of she's also like the sweetest person she will do anything to make other people feel comfortable I on the other hand with my parents I decided that this is something that I believe is a good decision. And when I believe something is a good decision that means that I can stand in front of my priest I can stand in front of my parents I can stand in front of the internet I can stand in front of you I can stand in front of a stranger and I can tell you my decision and I can be proud of it and those are the types of choices that I want to make every single day. So I knew that this was something good and my parents were just. Unaware of what it was It's not that they didn't like it. They didn't like the promiscuity but they didn't understand how powerful it was and they didn't understand that it saved my life and so I started sending my dad my check-in pictures and every week when I'd send my pictures to my coach I would also send them to my father. 11:44.32 acbikinis Are. 11:58.40 Marissa Andrews And at first he was like why are you sending me this like you have too much muscle and then it was like he started gradually I would teach him things I'd be like. Do you see this right here that is called the tear drop. Do you see how you can see it better this week so now my dad is front row at stages screaming about glute ham ti-ins. Saying that my conditioning is on point. He's the first one to hug me when I jump off stage. Um my mom still asks if after prejudging if we could put pants on for finals. They saw everything that they needed to see um but she's still there and she's still supportive and I think that makes it so much. Bigger. 12:15.60 acbikinis Um. 12:33.32 Marissa Andrews Because it's not like they were bodybuilders they were in this sport. It's something that they did not want. They told us not to do it. They said it was fit and and now they are front row and they are there because they see how passionate Sonny and I are about this sport and how much better of. 12:36.70 acbikinis What point. 12:51.32 Marissa Andrews People It has made me um, but and her but you know we're talking. But so yeah, me. 12:54.12 acbikinis Yeah, well not only how much better It's made you how much better. It's made the community. You know I don't think you realize the impact that you have and you know not to say that you're special and have a special impact. We all have an impact. Whatever we do every day and show up makes an impact on people and the way that you can move. 13:10.41 Marissa Andrews You never know. 13:13.68 acbikinis Yeah, the way that you are able to show up and I keep going back to that word Authentic I Think it's It's so present in you because you know you said this was my purpose I knew I wanted to do bodybuilding and because my parents were on Board. You thought okay I'm going to teach them I'm gonna teach them. And that's Amazing. So Do you have any advice for anyone that is listening that their parents might not be on board right now. Okay. 13:40.46 Marissa Andrews It's gonna suck at first It's it's going to suck at first. Um, whether you know I come from a traditional Greek family. So. There's been many many moments in my life where I've had to help educate my parents but that's what it is. It's an it's educating them. People are scared of what they don't know. And as the world changes and it's changing very very fast and very rapidly. You can imagine waking up and imagining your whole world has changed and the things that you know are true. They could not be true. The next day they couldn't be They don't have to be true for your children things get better and so take it slow. 14:11.29 acbikinis Here are. 14:17.50 Marissa Andrews Ah, use it as an education and share your passion with them the more you share and the more that you show them what it means to you whether it is bodybuilding whether it is wanting to study art I can't think of any other examples at this moment but whatever that thing is that they don't see your perspective. Help them. They help them teach them. They are your family but they're also your friends and they want the best for you. So if you show them what you're doing is going to make you better in the long run it is saving your life from depression Anxiety. It is making you stronger so you can stand up to people who have been using you in your life then. 14:52.86 acbikinis Reverse. 14:55.52 Marissa Andrews They're going to want that for you and maybe they feel a little uncomfy when you turn around and hit the back pose. But guess what they can cover their eyes for 3 seconds like my mom does take their hand off and they're still proud of you and they don't need to fully understand the sport and the passion you have. 15:05.78 acbikinis We have. 15:14.40 Marissa Andrews But they have that love and that passion for you. So if you have that passion. They're going to share it just because they care about you as a person so it's going to start off rough and you got to be patient with them but give them time and if they love you, they'll understand and they may not be at the show. That's okay, but that loves. For it is still there yet. Thanks And yeah. 15:34.70 acbikinis That's beautiful. That's a great tip. Okay I'm gonna go a different direction and I want to hear another tip from you that you've already shared with me so this is about posing I've told a lot of people about this I Hope it's not proprietary or like trademarked to you like feeling you're with them. 15:47.11 Marissa Andrews And now tell me tell me. 15:50.99 acbikinis But I always give you credit I'm like okay so I poached with Mara Andrews before and when she hits her poses. She has a mantra that goes in her head can we tell us about that. 16:00.82 Marissa Andrews Yes, okay, so um I think something that keeps me in this sport going very long. Well, it's been 2 years but it keeps me pushing is that I don't see my competition day as a competition. It's a show every single girl on that stage has worked just as hard as you they have. 16:14.93 acbikinis Um, know then. 16:18.00 Marissa Andrews Eaten their diet. They've done all this stuff. It's a show. It is a your opportunity first place or last place to get on stage and present your hard work. So um, usually pos and coaches teach you to hit your pose and then in order to keep the rhythm you supposed to say. Thank you very much and then you transition. You say? Thank you very much and then you transition but the way that I like to think about it is you've done all the hard work the judges woke up that morning with the toughest decision of their life. They have to pick a winner. Okay, so you decided six months ago when you started your prep that you won this competition. So instead of saying thank you very much. You're making their life easy. You know you're gonna win hit your pose and say you're mother fucking welcome and then transition your mother fucking welcome and transition and keep moving like that and it gives you that confidence that embodiment and it will demand attention on the stage and it will make you seem. 17:08.80 acbikinis Um. 17:15.62 Marissa Andrews It'll make you feel so much more. It'll make you feel like you belong more than being obviously be grateful that they're taking the time but it gives you that a little bit of attitude that says I deserve to be here and you keep telling yourself that you deserve to be here and you do you do deserve to be there. 17:20.37 acbikinis And Mark. I love that. 17:35.80 Marissa Andrews Whether you get first or last place you deserve to be on that stage. 17:39.10 acbikinis I Really love that and I think it's because um I don't know if this is a woman thing or just a human thing but a lot of the time. It's hard to feel like you're worthy. It's hard to feel like you're enough in this Society. We're always being told to be more and more and more and more and so even when you get on stage I Even at like. My last show I had a little bit of doubt in my head and you know as much as I preach confidence I felt over-the top confidence but it could always be more and it could I Really like that tip of treat it like it to show. It's your show you already want it and you're there to show them all the hard work I Love that. 18:13.95 Marissa Andrews Yeah, when what's the song. oh yeah oh I always listen to the same song. Um, it's I by Kendrick Lamar and I will butcher it if I try to sing it but look it up. It's really good. It's a very feel good happy song. Um, but. 18:15.33 acbikinis And then the songs right? you you look long. 18:30.75 Marissa Andrews No I had the same at the Olympia I was backstage I did my and but individual presentations. Um, and it was before callouts and I remember I came backstage and I was shaking I was terrified I was about to be in tears in the corner. My sister came up and was like what what's going on with you. Are you? Okay, like are you lightheaded and I was like no I completely bombed it I don't deserve to be here I looked at her I'm like it's your year. It's your year. You got to go take this like take it home for the andrews. Oh I'm gonna cry. It was the scariest moment in my life and she's like she literally. She's like you deserve to be here. You did phenomenal. Take a deep breath and go show them who you are. 18:58.43 acbikinis Come here? um. 19:09.45 Marissa Andrews And I was still hyperventilating I was still terrified I convinced myself I was gonna get last place and I looked over to the person next to me that was having the same exact reaction and Qe guess who it was fra sally mottos grandly mottos was backstage hyperventilating and shaking. 19:19.70 acbikinis The first new one yeah 19:29.35 Marissa Andrews Moments before she got on stage and that was what snapped me out of it that it doesn't matter if you're the best in the world or if you're first time competing you are going to have that fear and those nervousness in those butterflies and they're never going to go away so use them for good use them as that adrenaline boost and use them. You know. 19:47.14 acbikinis Yes. 19:47.53 Marissa Andrews Don't listen to those little voices in your head because if the woman who is the best in the world that people are looking up to as the icon of the wellness category is nervous before stepping on stage. Of course you're nervous if she's nervous. Of course you are but it's okay, everyone's nervous. You're not crazy for feeling like that. You're not alone feeling like that. 19:56.76 acbikinis Yeah, that. 20:06.54 Marissa Andrews Everyone backstage is feeling that exact same way. Um, ah. 20:08.47 acbikinis If you're not nervous. That means you don't care about it. So nervous. Good emotion to have. It's just how you cater that emotion, you can go positive or negative nervousness and it looks like you were you well Sonny helped you close it to the positive side. How did it feel. 20:18.77 Marissa Andrews Um, yes, um, yeah, yeah. 20:28.33 acbikinis Um Friday night getting top 10 you knew you were top 10 so you got to go out on stage. What was that like oh. 20:36.18 Marissa Andrews Well um I cried onsage before they even did you I don't know if you were able to see prejudging but there was you know a moment where I was in the center before they moved us around but I was split center with franc alley. And I made eye contact with my coach and my coach Chris was crying my posing coach Ashley was crying so I just started crying and I was holding my front pose in the middle of the stage in front of thousands of people and there was just like tears going down my face so that's how it felt it was just it didn't it felt like. 20:58.41 acbikinis Let's see now now. 21:11.83 Marissa Andrews The best dream ever and honestly if you told me right now Kara that it was all a dream I would be like that makes sense like that that totally makes sense absolutely but it was it. It was um my my you know my goal. Was to be in the top half my pie in the sky you know shoot for the moon goal was to be in first callouts. So I I don't actually that's never really happened to me I've never hit a pie in the sky shoot from the moon goal. So I don't know even how to explain what it felt like. But it was the most surreal happiest moment second to the moment of running offstage into the people I loves arms because I think that was the best moment honestly, the placing in the stage was great but running off stage into. 21:52.37 acbikinis With. Hello. 22:07.52 Marissa Andrews My boyfriend colins arms I Just I dropped my dropped everything and just Gorilla or go walla him and hugging my parents and my coach that that moment was bigger to me than the actual stage moment itself. So I also took my last. 22:09.78 acbikinis Um. 22:12.74 acbikinis I on. 22:20.72 acbikinis Here. 22:23.29 Marissa Andrews And exam with dental school that morning. So everything was kind of tired. 22:26.11 acbikinis Okay, what was that being I posted on Instagram I was like if don't make excuses and if you make an excuse go look at what Marisa Andrews does and then that same excuse. 22:34.15 Marissa Andrews Yeah I told people they tell me they don't have time I tell them I get embarrassed for them like if somebody make somebody that is like in my school they're like oh I don't have time to go to the gym since I started school and I was like that's really embarrassing. You should not tell people that right. 22:50.10 acbikinis Um, yeah, but I love your energy about it because it's so inspiring like I get inspired by seeing you just dominate your whole life. 22:51.89 Marissa Andrews Like you're literally just telling me that you're lazy at this point like we're in the same program. Don't don't tell me you can't go to the gym for the last eight months okay don't even try. 23:10.30 acbikinis Okay I want to talk about your first prep because I want to share with the listeners. How disciplined you are and okay, let's talk about the first prep. 23:10.69 Marissa Andrews I So for ah. 23:19.89 Marissa Andrews Okay, um, so my first prep started New Year's day 2021 I hired my first coach who I'm no longer with and they their protocols were quite extreme. Um. I was not allowed to have any salt I was not allowed to have any carbs I had moved to Brazil and then to Mexico with him for a month to train and I remember one night I was absolutely starving which I realized I was eating like five hundred calories and doing 2 hours of cardio and training and I was starving so I opened the fridge and I ate a piece of lettuce and he yelled at me and told me that if I wasn't serious that I wasn't allowed to eat lettuce because there's too many carbs in it out sixteen weeks out um there was too many carbs and cups if I wasn't serious to get on a plane and go home. 24:09.20 acbikinis Ah. 24:14.80 Marissa Andrews So from that moment anything he said went and I had obviously I had my sister but I didn't really understand how hard people go in this sport I thought it was just the norm and I there was a point where I was eating 4 egg whites 4 times a day and that was it. They came out to two hundred and seventy five calories 24:21.87 acbikinis And. 24:29.50 acbikinis Please. 24:33.18 Marissa Andrews I had not had carbs for like four months no salt for four months um I was taking a diuretic twice a day for six months since I started my prep until the end of my competition since then if you look at pictures and videos of me. 24:44.66 acbikinis Um, it sounds like you were sick. 24:51.55 Marissa Andrews From when I won my pro card till now I look I look ill like I look like I'm about to break in half. Um and now I look strong and full and then I just I looked like a shell of a human and I think I was I really was. I would cry to and from the gym every single day I have videos on my phone where I'm talking about I'm like why do people do this I hate this. This is not fun and now you see my check-ins I'm literally posting check-ins of me dancing and singing and it's just completely different energy and um, anytime things get hard now. 25:11.48 acbikinis Um. 25:28.22 Marissa Andrews I remember doing that and if I was strong enough to basically starve myself to death out of sure passion for this sport and doing well I can do an extra 10 minutes of cardio. Not a deal and when my coach tells me to suffer he drops my calories to 1300 and I'm like sir it's okay. 25:38.15 acbikinis Yeah. 25:46.90 Marissa Andrews Tell you don't worry about me sweethear I'm good I'm good over here? Yeah, um, it's so it's peak week so they change every day so that's I don't actually know what Hackros are but before this week I was on. 25:47.10 acbikinis Ah. 25:50.13 acbikinis So right now you're on you want to share what your macros are right now or is that too much. Okay, yeah. 26:04.51 Marissa Andrews 1600 on my highdays and then thirteen on my life. Yeah, and then they and then 50 minutes of cardio six days week yeah we're doing good. 26:07.50 acbikinis Oh wow, you're eating a lot food. Yeah, okay so when you compare your photos from prepping with the new protocol coach. Let's call them compared to mineral obviously gotten better with sport. 26:18.63 Marissa Andrews Um, no. 26:26.43 acbikinis But when you're looking at this photo side by side. What do I You can see yes Vera answers. He looks amazing at that show but you can see the energy and in your face and in your muscle bellies. It's not quite healthy like. 26:27.25 Marissa Andrews Are. 26:43.87 acbikinis It's It's hard to explain. It's something that you can't even explain So can you talk a little bit about like how your prep plays into how you look on show day. 26:50.98 Marissa Andrews Yeah, it's I mean your energy is so important on your show day because you need to be able to hold yourself and have that you know that little attitude that sass that beauty you need to be able to let yourself shine on stage and. It's more than just a physical sport. It's honestly it's this is a mental sport. So like you said like your body can handle almost anything. It's convincing your mind. So If you're not treating your mind in a prep. 27:14.89 acbikinis Well. 27:22.75 Marissa Andrews The way that you're treating your body if. You're not treating your mental health the way you're treating your diet your workouts your cardio then it's not going to all come together. It's it's not going to You're not going to feel it. You're going to hold water because of your cortisol um I don't know what else other to say than just. Make sure that you treat your mind and your mental health in a prep first and there's going to be days where you're not feeling it and you have to push a little harder and that's where the discipline comes in. But if you're about to pass out if you're having weeks. Spells of depression if you're crying driving to and from the gym those are red flags. This is this is a sport that we choose to be a part of why choose to do something that makes you absolutely miserable. There's no harm in being eight weeks into a prep and crying for the last 4 and saying you know what? maybe this isn't for me I love working out. 28:01.34 acbikinis Yes. 28:18.21 Marissa Andrews That's great. Keep working out train. There's so many different avenues to be able to show off your fitness do an angel competition Runway show if you love if you love working out. Seriously if you love working out. You want to put on a sparkly bikini and get on stage and show off your hard work. There's places to do that. 28:27.38 acbikinis Um, yeah, yeah, we that. 28:36.00 acbikinis Yes. 28:37.92 Marissa Andrews You don't and then what the worst part is Kara is that you go through this like this emotional roller coastster and emotional torment and then you get to show day and then heaven forbid you booves after doing all of that I've seen girls lose their passion for fitness for working out. Like that because they work so hard they sacrifice so much of themselves and then they don't win and they put so much pressure on winning that it just it crumbles them and they're not strong enough to keep going mentally and they just they eat whatever they like they don't reverse properly. They don't go back to the gym and this is. 29:15.12 acbikinis You? Yeah yeah, the overwhelming beam of this clock today seems to be authenticity because it's almost like if you don't feel confident and if what you're doing in your prep doesn't feel authentic to you. 29:16.13 Marissa Andrews Needs to be about longevity and finding that love for yourself and for fitness yeah. 29:32.75 acbikinis It's not serving you of course preface going to be hard. You know you're going to wake up in the middle of the night with hung pains. You're gonna have to force yourself to go to the gym. It's not easy. But if you are not confident with your prep that shows on stage oftenity shows on stage and I think it's It's very hard to. 29:38.00 Marissa Andrews Um, right? yeah. 29:48.29 Marissa Andrews Then. 29:52.60 acbikinis Explain this to athletes until you go to a show and you see it and 2 girls can have the exact same unique, but 1 of them smokes the other one and when you look at photos you're like wait I should have won well. 29:54.86 Marissa Andrews Thank. 30:05.78 acbikinis It's not about the photos. It's about the energy. It's about that connection you know, connecting with the judges. It's a transference of energy and they can feel that energy of your confidence on whether you did the prep that you believe in. Um, so as we close off this podcast. What. 30:09.75 Marissa Andrews I am yeah. 30:21.60 Marissa Andrews Can I tell you 1 more thing before we log. Okay so it has to do with the arnold and it literally happened today. So um, did you have a chance to see the initial wellness video the wellness promo video for Arnold the dead. 30:22.65 acbikinis Oh tell me everything? Oh okay. 30:33.53 acbikinis Yes, yes, yes I did yes confused. 30:37.52 Marissa Andrews The one that did not have me in it. Yes, so um, out of out of the yeah so was so was I and the 6 other girls that weren't included so it was um in that essence of inclusivity and like we talked. At the very beginning I wanted to bring it up then but it's okay, we talk about it now. So um I reached out to all you know I messaged the arnold back and I was like hey I don't think I think you're missing a couple girls and they gave me a little generic response and I was like you know what? this is an opportunity to make these girls one girls doing her pro debut this is. 31:02.14 acbikinis Um. 31:13.99 acbikinis Um. 31:14.10 Marissa Andrews Ah, girls second pro show she got invited late. You know these are this is a huge opportunity for these women and they really they deserve to have. This moment commemorated and they deserve to have this promotional thing they need to they deserve to have this video of them looking like a badass on stage and they can send their mom and dad and be like look I'm really like look at that This is who I am you know and I sent it So I reached out to every girl that wasn't included on the initial video. 31:33.32 acbikinis Yeah, yes. 31:42.76 Marissa Andrews And I asked them for their stage footage. So I took the arnold's promo video and I edited in all of the athletes. All of the girls that are competing this year whether they've stepped on a pro stage whether they've been competing for 20 years you know they are all. 31:49.37 acbikinis I Love that. 32:01.16 Marissa Andrews Stepping on this stage and they deserve that love and that excitement and that you know that in 50 years we're all gonna be old and wrinkly and ugly and they should be able to be like look grandkids grandma was hot like you know like that's I just and so like you said like I just. That feeling of bringing joy and making people smile. We made I made it last night when I was doing cardia whipped it out in like 20 minutes said to these girls and their responses were so beautiful and so exciting that it just yeah I don't know I was just so excited to be able to give that little piece. 32:20.85 acbikinis Move. 32:34.95 Marissa Andrews Of this sport to them and you know that little video of them looking like a badass with the arnold logo on top of them letting people know that they are coming to that stage and they mean business and they deserve to be on that stage and they deserve the love and the notoriety and the excitement. 32:41.50 acbikinis Ah, yeah. 32:44.76 acbikinis Is. 32:50.46 Marissa Andrews About them being on Thatiege just like every single other athlete does they earned that invitation. They have been working their ass off and I'm so excited I just posted the the new reel on my page if you wants go like it's so cute. Yeah, that's all I wanted to share I'm so excited about it. 32:59.58 acbikinis Okay, I'm gonna go to wear it that is you are So You're so altruistic like you give and you want nothing in return and that quality is hard to find why what happened to you that made you. Altruistic and that you're so giving and beholding how you want to put a smile on everyone's face. 33:22.48 Marissa Andrews Well I talked about this at therapy the other day. Um I had ah and a ride at a really rough teenage few years um I suffered really bad from depression and anxiety and i. 33:31.56 acbikinis You. 33:36.98 Marissa Andrews Didn't really think that there would be a tomorrow to wake up to so I lived in complete sadness and darkness for so long that every moment of happiness and brightness. I want to hold onto and feel with every fiber of my being um and I know what it feels like to not be good. You know and that's like in the weakest of terms but I never want somebody to have to feel the way that I did. 33:56.90 acbikinis Look at the. 34:09.65 Marissa Andrews And if I have the ability if it's ah within my willpower to make somebody even one percent happier I want that for them. 34:16.42 acbikinis That is so beautiful because this having a of teenage years. It could have come up with the exact opposite you could have just held on to all of that resentment all that pain and we see this all too often. So the fact that you were able to get out of that flunk and switch it for good. That is incredible. So keep doing that keep shining because you're a star and you're gonna make so many words smile. So um, Marissa is a doing a talk. 34:41.59 Marissa Andrews Ah, Ryan Youtube Baby Youtube baby you? so. 34:51.60 acbikinis Hear quickly about the posing portal because I want to share this with everyone. Okay, okay. 34:55.25 Marissa Andrews I'm actually not with the posting portal anymore. So that was something that I had to do for my own mental health I have school and then bodybuilding and coaching I did step away from the posing portal but it's still an incredible resource Phoebe and b are both amazing at wellness. Um, so if you needed a coach go to them. My videos are still there. So all of my tutorial videos. Um, so yeah, it's a great resource. It's a combination of a million different things all in 1 so absolutely. 35:16.43 acbikinis Um, okay, awesome. So. 35:23.85 acbikinis If people want one on one help from you. Do you have anything available right now or you just I mean you're in school. So it's I Understand you do a lot. But. 35:34.86 Marissa Andrews Yeah, no I after the arnold I'm going to go into an offseason I believe for a little bit. Um I've been in prep for basically since I started for 2 years so I'm going to take some time away from the stage and. Going to open up my books more for posing for coaching I'm going to go on some dates with that big man over there like proper proper dates with wine and dinner and I can't wait. 35:58.62 acbikinis Ah. 36:03.83 acbikinis Um, okay, okay, well the whole world is reading for you and I just cannot wait to see you on stage and I'll see you like tomorrow I'll see you very soon. 36:04.44 Marissa Andrews So I my my books are going to be open just give me four days and then I'm going to have the opportunity to take people on. 36:15.75 Marissa Andrews Oh my God I'm so excited. 36:19.71 acbikinis Okay, well, that's it for Marissa Andrews thank you so much for sharing all of you with him I took so many notes this is going to be amazing to share. Thank you. 36:26.16 Marissa Andrews You so much for having me.

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