How do you stay so lean in your off season?

Nadia Chiaramonte How to stay lean in the off season

Hey y’all, allow me to formally introduce myself! My name is Nadia Chiaramonte! I’ve competed for the past 4 years as a bikini athlete in the CPA (Canadian Physique Alliance). I’ve placed top 5 at the Arnold Amateurs and 2 national shows. I’m also blessed with 2 overall bikini titles! Fitness and competing has simply become a way of life for me. Its my lifestyle. So the number one question I get asked is:


Guys!! Guess what? There is NO SECRET!! I believe I can hold a leaner physique during my "improvement season" because I truly believe competing can be a part of one’s LIFESTYLE.

Nadia Chiaramonte How to stay lean in the off season

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Now this isn’t the case for everyone, I get that, to each their own. But for many ladies, I believe it can be. I DO NOT believe in extremes which is why I feel competing is something I have been able to make a lifestyle. I personally don’t believe it is necessary to gain 20+ pounds in ones ‘off season’ especially in the bikini category! Yes, we want to grow muscle, yes this requires a caloric surplus, but this DOES NOT mean we need to add a bunch of garbage weight to our bodies. In the end, the more unnecessary weight you’ve accumulated, the more likely you will require a longer, more drastic cut to lose this weight!

Okay so what are some key things to making this a true lifestyle?

  • What changes from off season training to prep training? NOTHING.

    *Well besides cardio that is. When entering any type of ‘cutting phase’ cardio likely gets introduced and may increase as you progress with your cut. In off season, I might back off cardio slowly, to an amount they are comfortable with or none at all.*

    When weight training, every session should have the same focus and drive whether you’re in prep or not. You should always train with purpose and intention. Oh, and it should always be fun and enjoyable! Because we love what we do right?

    Nadia Chiaramonte How to stay lean in the off season

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    Now one thing that may change in your ‘off season’ is you may enjoy lifting heavier or going through a ‘strength’ lifting phase because you have extra energy from your caloric surplus! Other than that, sessions should always be focused on pushing yourself as hard as you can while keeping up that intensity. What else can help you stay lean during your off season? A fun posing practice suit! Perfect to keep you accountable from unnecessary off season weight gain.

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  • DIET
  • How does my diet change? IT DOESN’T!

    I personally believe in and utilize flexible dieting. This is a style of eating that I’ve found to be attainable whether I was prepping or in off season. It allows me to not only choose foods I truly enjoy but also eat what I want, when I want (all in moderation of course). Each day, I eat meals that I actually enjoy, I never have to force the same meals into my mouth day after day, and I never feel deprived nor restricted.

    Another thing I like about flexible dieting, is it allows you satisfy your cravings by fitting in ‘fun’ foods or that it allows you to experiment with different food options. I believe flexible dieting has taught me to have a healthy relationship with food because I don’t see food as either ‘good or bad’. I see food as having a certain amount of carbs, proteins and fats, and as long as it fits into my daily macros, I can enjoy that food.

    Nadia Chiaramonte How to stay lean in the off season

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    So, I eat the same food selection in my off season as I would during prep! The only difference being in off season, I’d likely have larger quantities of the same foods because my calories would be higher overall!

    One thing I also will contribute to maintaining leanness while eating in surplus is your food selection! Yes, although I believe in flexible dieting, my food consists of 85% whole foods and 15% processed foods. I do enjoy wholesome foods as they make me feel good inside and out. Personally, when I eta too many processed foods, my energy is lacking, I feel tired and lazy, my skin isn’t clear and the list goes on. When I eat whole foods, with natural vitamins and minerals, I not only feel more energized but I sleep better, I’m overall happier, I feel good overall.


    LAST thing I’d like to mention is being consistent with your diet and training. Just because its ‘off season’ does not mean I’m going to stop training, stop tracking macros, become sedentary and throw it all down the drain. Like I said, this has become my LIFESTYLE.

    Nadia Chiaramonte How to stay lean in the off season

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    I feel a common trend is for people to start slacking after their show, they don’t remain as diligent with their plan, training, diet and ‘fall of the wagon’. You need to remind yourself that your STAGE body is built in your OFF season. What you do today, is what shapes your tomorrow! You still need to adhere to the plan, just in a more relaxed, fun manner.

    Again, for myself personally, this is my lifestyle meaning I always have a goal in mind. I’m always following some sort of structured plan to help better myself for the season to come. You need to stay dedicated and committed to the plan year round because goals don’t sleep my friends ;)

    Now this may be extreme for the average girl who only plans on doing one or two shows, but understand that if you can implement this self-discipline and accountability, it will shine on all aspects of your life, not just the health and fitness portion!

     Nadia Chiaramonte How to stay lean in the off season

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    My overall take from this post is to learn to find a sustainable, healthy way to include fitness within your life. Yes, prep is an extreme, but if you’re living a heathy lifestyle to begin with, then prep is just an extra push, another challenging goal. It’s an added challenge, but nothing you can’t handle because you’ve already developed the habits to living a fit and healthy life.

    Do what you love, love what you do.

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