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Posted on August 25 2016

How to become and IFBB Bikini pro

A message for aspiring IFBB Bikini athletes. 

How to become and IFBB Bikini pro


This is a photo of my favorite physique! And not because it won me my pro card either! About 5 weeks from the show it clicked for me. I saw what was shaping up and felt I had finally culminated all the critiques I had received from Sandy W. (head judge) over the last 4 Nationals shows. The night before the show I even said "I think this is exactly what they want" mentioning that the overall could even be a possibility. My shoulders had been bigger, but its not a shoulder contest. I've been much leaner on stage before too, buts its not about who's the leanest. My glutes were not the biggest on stage, but its not only a butt contest. Its head to toe, front to back, who fits it best. I hope this helps a lot of you ladies chasing the dream that you have to know what you're "suppose" to look like. Many coaches will tell you "Just look your personal best, that's all that matters" Listen that is absolutely true, but NOT true for those of you trying to go next level because there IS a standard no matter what anyone tells you. The judging ISSSSS fair. The NPC/IFBB DOES have a look and if you keep trying to just make yourself happy (which you should), you might do what I did and spend over a year (4 shows!!) in the wrong direction, then getting frustrated at why I wasn't at the top. Well I was looking MY best, but not the "National" best. Knowing what I know now, when I look back at pictures every placing fits me perfectly. I can not stand behind that at the regional level, but nationally all my placings fit. There are so many wonderful and talented trainers who are great at what they do, but lead bikini athletes in the wrong direction. This is truly the most sincere advice I can give you women who REALLY want to go Pro, send your pictures to an expert in your league who can give you some better direction with your physique. You don't want to be like me and have the drive of a tiger, but was digging myself a hole that took me an easy 6 months to fix.


Instagram :@jenn_the_trainer

Suit: Angel Pro

How to become and IFBB Bikini pro

Photography courtesy: NPC News Online: Amir Marandi

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