Most Annoying Question Ever!

NPC Bikini Competitor Rants, Bikini Competitor Problems

Someone came into my work yesterday, pointed at my stage picture on the wall, looked at me and then said, "Why don't you look like that right now? Did you stop working out or what?"


FYI for people who do not compete or are not in the industry. 

1. It is not healthy to stay stage lean year round.

2. It is nearly impossible to stay that lean due to the protocol that is followed to prepare for stage time. 

3. Most competitors bodies don't look like that even a day after a show, so no we won't look like that 2 weeks after 


This sport is extreme, therefore the dieting, and training to prepare for a show is extreme. But we are human beings. We simply can not maintain such a look all the time. Of course it would be nice to be lean and shredded year round but that would mean following the strict diet and intense workouts to achieve the look. 
Competitors love food and down time just as much as any other person. We miss out on so much during our prep when close to shows.

Let a girl live a little, like damn.

 NPC Bikini competitor problems, NPC Bikini Competitor Problems

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 NPC Bikini competitor problems, NPC Bikini Competitor Problems

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 NPC Bikini competitor problems, NPC Bikini Competitor Problems
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  • Angela

    Thanks for posting that. I am new to this (since January) and my training really didn’t want me to get to stage ready. She told me it was only for that day! She explained it in detail to me. I had no idea? I’m so glad you addressed that because, every one judges you because you can’t stay that lean? They don’t understand.

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