Body Dismorphia and body building by Lauren Dannenmiller and Kyle Burns

Body Dysmorphia and Bodybuilding by Lauren Dannenmiller Angel Competition Bikinis

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 What is Body Dysmorphia?

Angel Competition Bikinis Body Dysmorphia Blog

It's happening all over the world. People look at magazines and they see what you know they should look like.

You do a competition and once you get extremely lean and once you're backstage at a bodybuilding show and you're sitting back there will all of these lean physique surround you your perspective on what lean looks like changes. 

Lauren Dannenmiller Body Dysmorphia Angel Competition Bikinis

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It's all perspective. This perspective is relative to what's going on in your life right now. Your confidence, your self-esteem and whether you can be objective or not. 

When you're getting ready for your competition, you are looking at yourself everyday in the mirror. You're looking at yourself and you don't really see that much progress because you're looking every day, but then you see your family member that you haven't seen in four months since you've been dieting and their like "Whoa! You look completely different!" or "Woah! you look like you've lost twenty pounds!" 

With all the information out there today, it has become more competitive in the conditioning aspect of bodybuilding. People have the ability to get really shredded. 

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I {Kyle} was looking at myself every day and you kind of get addicted to the progress you do see and your mind gets warped on what you think is lean.

That is why it is super important to have a coach there with you because you cannot objectively make changes. You and your head are thinking you're not ready or you're thinking you need to be leaner or you're thinking I need to do more cardio. 

When you're prepping you know it's like more, more, MORE, result, result, result, not seeing the result fast enough, and having a coach is important to get you through this. They will be there to say "Hey! Look at your progress! Look what you did last week!"

Lauren Dannenmiller IFBB Pro Body Dysmorphia Angel Competition Bikinis

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Toward the end of my prep, I  {Kyle} still thought I could get leaner and ended up sacrificing muscle. It can become dangerous for people. I wasn't as aware of how lean I was, but now looking back I see how shredded I really was. 

After a show, we put on five pounds and we go "Oh no! I'm getting fluffy! My lines are going away! I'm not as lean anymore!" and that does mess with you. Even though you're still lean compared to the rest of America. It is so important to put on some weight after a show because it's how you're going to get stronger.

It is important to have goals and to stick to the goal. It's fine if I'm "Fluffy" right now and 10 or 20 pounds above my stage weight because I will diet again and will have a better physique. The scale weight doesn't matter, it depends on how you look, how you feel on the inside.

Lauren Dannenmiller Body Dysmorphia Angel Competition Bikinis

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Steps to take to combat Body Dysmorphia

1. Take progress pictures every month or two

2. Stop checking yourself out in the mirror so much

3. Stick to the plan


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