Bikini after Baby

post pregnancy bikini competition diet, how to train for a bikini competitionEveryone knows that raising a family is tough work. Diaper changes and meal times, to fighting naps and bargaining for bath time. But how does this change when you decide to commit to a fitness lifestyle? In ways, for me, it wasn't much of a change, but made an impact on the way I did things.

I decided to take control of my body a year after having my second son. My husband was deployed and I was ready to do something for me. I did some research and changed a few things around in my diet, signed up for a gym, and I got results! When I found my coach, Giulliano Gallupi of Gallupi Strength and Conditioning, and my husband came back.. things got serious. I had to add in meal prepping, balancing family life, and absolutely no cheat meals.....Because I was prepping for my first show! Which made it difficult, because eating out was a favorite past time of ours to do. But I was determined to stick with it, because I made a promise to myself.

Before and after bikini competition

I had post baby image issues for sure; loose skin, deflated breasts from breastfeeding, and mommy muffin top. But I was determined to do all that I could to avoid any surgeries or expensive enhancements to change that image I had for myself.

As time went by, it got easier with the diet change, and I became more confident with the body I was seeing change more and more. If you have a set schedule like I did, it becomes almost second nature, but be prepared to become frustrated when something gets thrown in the mix that's not part of your "plan". Talk about an uproar. Yep, I would join my kids in a temper tantrum every now and then. But that's life, and stuff like that happens, especially when you have a family that is part of your "fit mom journey".

Sundays we made "meal prep day". The kids would play in the yard, while the husband manned the grill filled with pounds of chicken, while i was cooking sweet potatoes and stacking up the Tupperware. Make it a family affair while on prep or during your journey. Your kids may even start trying the healthy foods you eat and hop on the bandwagon with you! (which is an all around plus right?)

Angel Competition Bikinis

When I hit the day of my competition, I looked at myself in the mirror in awe of the person I am and the accomplishments I made. It wasn't about the trophy that could be won that day, it was about everything I had been through and all the years I told myself I would never be able to look like I did before kids, but I looked even better! I kept a promise to myself and I proved that its possible to be healthy, fit, confident AND be a mother and wife. You can have it all, just make that promise and keep it.

Before and after competition prep

There are 24 hours in a day, plan each one out, don't be lazy, and work hard! You can do it, I believe that with all my heart!! :)

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