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Competing is becoming more and more popular every year. I personally love it! It’s a fun sport and I love the dedication it takes to compete. But I think a lot of girls just jump into a show before they are ready or are even fully aware of what is all included.


Today I want to take some time to quickly go over 5 things that first time bikini competitors need to know.


 1. Are you Ready to Compete?

There are a few things to consider here

What’s your current fitness status?

*How long have you been resistance training? Most people think that all they need is 6 months. But depending on your experience, you typically will need a little bit longer than that.

*How is your caloric intake? Is it at a healthy amount where you have room to cut from once you start you prep?

*If your calories are dramatically low and you are just doing cardio, is it a good idea to compete?

Workout for bikini competitors, workout plan for npc bikini competitor


How is your mental health?

*Dieting is a mental game. No matter how mentally fit you are, dieting can be very draining. Your hormones are all out of whack, you are hungry all the time as you approach the end of prep.

*How is your relationship with food and your body? Competing won’t fix any body issues you have with yourself. So make sure you have a health relationship with food and a positive body image before jumping into a show.

how much does it cost to compete npc bikini competition


How are your finances?

*Competing is pretty expensive. So make sure you are in a place where you can handle these expenses

*You can expect to see the following cost

1. Contest entry fee

2. Coaching

3. Bikini Suit

4. Jewelry and Heels

5. Accessories such as bikini bite, pee cup

6. Spray tan

7. Makeup and hair

8. Travel and hotel




2. Do Your Research

A lot of girls think that the day of the show is glamorous and fun. And while it is fun, it can be extremely stressful if you don’t do your research.


3. Find a coach that works for you!

I spent a lot of time researching and deciding on a coach that was going to work for me for my first show. I have been following Sohee Lee for a few years and agreed with her methods and coaching style. I knew it was a good fit and started working with her in the offseason.

I highly recommend working with your coach in the offseason to ensure they know your body and that you understand their coaching style. Being on the same page and communication are key factors to a successful prep!

Bikini competitor prep coach sohee lee

4. Peak Week

I want to stress that “peak week” is not some magical week where you are going to completely 180 how you look from a water load and sodium cut.

If you are ready before your peak week, you should honestly be able to just coast into the show without doing anything extreme. A lot of people will say “I looked SO much better after my show” this is typically due to unnecessary tactics used during peak week.

Don’t try out new foods or new activities, and definitely don’t do anything that could put you at risk of injury. Try to lay low and relax as much as possible.

peak week bikini competitor


5. Post Show!

Most people DO not realize how difficult it is after a show! Your show is done so now what? Your goals are accomplished and you are free to eat again.

A lot of people struggle and can’t control their hunger because your satiety levels are so low and even when you feel physically full, you are mentally starving.

So before the show is over, come up with a plan and set some new goals RIGHT AWAY! My goal was to compete in power lifting right away and to have and document a successful reverse diet.

Once the show is actually over, go enjoy yourself that night, make a goal to order something you want and have one desert. Don’t binge and eat super quick, I promise you, you will regret. But ease out of being so restrictive with tracking and implement a reverse diet where you simply incorporate calories back into your diet over time. But do your best and don’t let your emotions take over. Have a plan and have a new goal!

Competing can be extremely rewarding and empowering if you know what to expect. Do your research and make it a memorable experience.



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