10 Holiday Tips from Jenna

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Staying on track over the holidays is challenging but not impossible! You can do anything you set your mind to! Keep your goals in mind as you approach the parties and be mindful of what you put on your plate. I fully believe we should all enjoy a meal of choice but when we attend multiple parties it can get a bit more challenging. Here are my personal top 10 tips to help keep those dinner calories at bay!

1.) Chew gum. (Seems simple but it helps)

2.) Fix yourself a calorie conscious drink and sip. I find I like to socially snack and by keeping a drink in my hand I am more likely to socially sip than snack. (Also I love the crystal light flavor packs! Mix it with diet sprite or tea to make it more fun)

3.) When fixing your plate, start with proteins first to fill a majority of your plate. If you go for casseroles / mac & cheese first you will find your plate is more full of carby/high calorie foods with little room for the lighter calorie options such as turkey!

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4.) Eat your meats first. This will help you to fill up more on the lower calorie items and make less room for the (although yummy) high carb rest.

5.) Offer to bring the dessert! There are so many healthy options that you would never know are “healthy”! Fruit kabobs squired with angel food cake squares would be a great treat with minimal calories as opposed to a pecan pie.

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6.) Start your day off with exercise! By incorporating fitness into your day you will certainly be more aware of your goals throughout the day. Keeping your goals close in mind is key!

7.) Limit alcohol & Eggnog. I know I know, boooring. But drinking empty calories is the quickest way for them to escalade without even realizing it. Water & coffee never hurt anybody!

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8.) Decide what you will indulge in and what you will pass up before hand. Stick to your plan and hold strong in your goals! Remember, passing it up sucks. But I guarantee when you are driving home you will feel incredible!

9.) Say no to the things you don’t really love so you can enjoy the things you REALLY love!

10.) Drink plenty of water! This will help you to feel fuller and help your body to digest all those

Mind over matter y'all!

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