Group Camo SHG5
Group Camo SHG5
Group Camo SHG5
Group Camo SHG5
Group Camo SHG5

Group Camo SHG5

Regular price $ 375.00 Sale price $ 250.00 Save $ 125.00

Scene: Superheros
Walk type: group of 4

Suit custom made for you to keep:
Crystal Design: Angel Dust
Fabric: Camo
Crystal Colors: Chrome Gold, Gold AB, and Emerald
URL (for example photo only, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS URL):
Accessories: Bring/Design Your Own. This could be your Military jacket, or spouses jacket to wear or something similar. The accessory should highlight that superhero nature of a military personnel.

This practice suit has our Angel Dust Crystal Design which retails at $375. We have it further discounted to $250 to help offset the normal cost of a practice suit. We realize the budget constraints of some of the models and are doing our best to help discount things where we can. We prefer all suits to have some amount of crystals for the Angel Fashion Show stage.

Accessory rentals:
Army Helmet and similar. 
We would love your help with our Camo group accessories, if you have anything to contribute (Military Jacket, backback, ect.) to accessories please add a note, thanks! 

 *Accessory rentals are subject to change. You may bring your own extra accessories to add. 

You will need to fill out the form below with your preference of: Division, Top Connectors, Middle Connector, Bottom Connectors, Back Connector, Top Size, Padding and Bottom Cut.

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