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Team Name:  Team Franco Bodybuilding

Bio: Joe has dedicated his life to health and fitness for the past 25 years, and has been involved in competitive bodybuilding since the 1980’s. During this time, Joe received his Bachelor Degree in Exercise Physiology from Temple University, and personal training certification through ACSM.. Joe’s personal training business, F.I.T. was started in 1996, and his competition prep ( for others began in 2000. Ever since then, Joe has work with 1000’s of competitors and those who want to desire to improve their fitness! He coaches people of all levels.
His philosophy for reaching your desired physique deals with two factors:
  • The dedication/consistency of your training and diet must be there to reach your goals.
  • Embracing balance and patience will give you the most success. .
Joe continues to compete, and is an OCB natural pro bodybuilder. In addition to competing, he promotes three physque  competitions a year through the OCB since 2006

  • 2019 Yorton Cup - 2nd Place short class Classic Physique
  • 2012 IFPA Pro Bowl – 3rd Place lightweight class
  • 2009 IFPA Cape Cod – 1st place lightweight class
  • 2007 IFPA Yorton Cup Pro International – 7th Place
  • 2006 OCB Battle of The Swords
  • 1st Place Bantamwieght Class, 1st Place Overall, Won Pro Card!
  • 2005 OCB Pride of the Atlantic, 1st Place Short Class, 1st Place Overall and Best Poser Award.
  • 2000 USNBA NJ Natural Body Building Championships, 1st Place Lt. Wt. Open, 1st Place Overall.
  • 1998 USNBA NJ Natural Body Building Championships, 1st Place Lt. Wt. Open, 2nd Place Overall.
  • 1997 N.P.C South Jersey Natural Body Building Championships, 1st Place Lt. Wt Open.
  • 1996 USNBA NJ Natural Body Building Championships, 1st Place Lt. Weight Novice & Novice Overall.
Location: Bucks County Pa.
Services:  Online Coaching

Joe Franco

B.S Exercise Physiology
OCB Pro/Promoter 
Team Franco LLC.
(Healthy and Practical Coaching)

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