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  • Natalie Nichols
  • Chet Nichols
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 As IFBB Pros and NPC Judges, Chet and Natalie Nichols noticed that the field of contest prep coaching focused primarily on the next show rather than the competitor’s ultimate goal. This lack of a clear and defined strategy resulted in many competitors competing in back to back shows where Chet and Natalie judged, year after year, showing little to no improvement in their physiques. This unfortunately left many highly ambitious competitors miles from their ultimate goals and uncertain of what needed to be done to increase their placing. The problem was not that these competitors lacked the motivation, they lacked a clear and concise plan of action with an ultimate end goal in mind. Through their love for the sport of bodybuilding, their unique experience, education, training, coaching, and achievements, Chet and Natalie Nichols created the concept of a Physique Readiness Coach™.

The Physique Readiness Coach™ is a unique and rare “Prep Coach” who draws on their extensive experience and unique insight as an IFBB Professional Athlete and NPC Judge, to craft a multi-year competitor development strategy. It is a Quality Assurance, long term strategy by which we systematically prepare for our competitors’ career, specifically to enhance delivery of optimal improvements each time the competitor takes the stage. The process starts with the competitors’ Offseason Plan and continues through their Contest Prep Plan, Peak Week Plan, Contest Day Plan, Stage Strategy Plan and Reverse Diet Plan…ALWAYS with the ultimate goal, and the competitors’ health in mind. It also includes Posing, consideration of our competitors’ personal Support System and making sure they have Realistic Expectations.

USA Physique is an IFBB Pro, NPC Judge and Physique Readiness Coaching™ duo who help competitors reach their full potential by strategizing, planning for growth and managing a career-long path for athletes, taking this burden off their shoulders so they can focus on and achieve their ultimate goal. Every single online training program we build is customized for the individual based on their strengths and weaknesses. In fact, the program will change as you progress. No two workouts are ever alike…cookie-cutter doesn’t exist in our vocabulary.

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