Top Cut

Determine Your Top Size

The top size you choose is a personal preference of how you want the top to look on stage. Your preferred competition top size may be different than your normal top size. Our top size recommendations are meant to serve as guidelines to help you determine the best fit for you. Consider your balance on stage, before you make your decision. Scroll down for more specifics about our sizes. All of our cups are rounded with pockets sewn in so you can add as much or as little push up as desired. Our most popular size is medium. Top sizes fit the exact same for all divisions. Many Figure/Women's Physique competitors regardless of height or cup size prefer at least a size medium to balance out their muscular frame. We agree and think our top size medium looks better than our top size small on muscular figure frames. The beautiful model in all of our top size photos has implants and is a size DD.



Size Skinny

Recommended for:
Athletes with implants up to size DD that want a more revealing look.
Not for:
 Natural chested athletes or athletes with implants larger than DD.

Note: Our size skinny looks best with a middle connector that is at least 2 inches long like our long middle connector or our single strand middle connector. 

Size Small

Recommended for:
Athletes who have implants or natural bra cup size AA-C, or have C implants or smaller.

Size Medium

Recommended for:

Athletes who have implants or a natural bra cup size C-D.
Athletes 5'9" and taller should consider the medium.

Size Large

Recommended for:
Athletes who have implants or a natural bra cup size D-DD or larger.

Molded Cup

The Molded Cup top has less stretch and is slightly smaller than the standard cup size.
If deciding between 2 sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size.




Extra large size available upon request. This is a custom dimension top.

If you are unsure, we recommend going with the larger of the 2 sizes, and using extra padding. We highly recommend ordering a posing suit before your competition suit to make sure you have the correct size for the look and coverage you prefer. 

If you need help with sizes or anything else, please do not hesitate to email us or schedule a consultation. We love helping you create your PERFECT suit!