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Angel Competition Bikinis presents the 2nd annual Angel Fashion Show. Watch 100+ models grace the stage in glamorous bikinis and theme wear. You can't miss this spectacular event!

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What is the Angel Fashion Show? 

The Angel Fashion Show is an amazing show hosted by Angel Competition Bikinis to showcase their suits. Athletic models grace the stage in glamorous costumes, fun outfits, and new designs. All under impressive stage lights, music, and effects.

The 2019 Show will be held at the the gorgeous and glamorous Midland Theater on June 15, 2019. Prepare to have the time of your life, meet your new best friend, and wear glamorous Angel Competition Bikinis! No judging, no competition, just an amazing on stage experience you won't forget!

Angel Fashion Show 2019, WBFF Competition Suits, NPC Competition

Why is the Angel Fashion Show held in Kansas City? 

The Angel Fashion Show is held in Kansas City every year because it is the location of ACBikinis Headquarters. It is also in the heart of America which makes it a very easy and wonderful location to travel to. If you haven't had the opportunity to travel to Kansas City, prepare to be wowed! National Geographic recently named KC one of the best trips to take in 2019. Read about it here.

Angel Fashion Show 2019, WBFF Competition Suits, NPC Competition

What does it mean to represent Angel Competition Bikinis? 

Angel Competitions Bikinis is a competition suit brand started by NPC Bikini Athletes in 2013. To represent ACBikinis means you are an empowering, inspiring, and confident woman! Angel models showcase glamorous suits with poise, elegance, and personality. 

Angel Fashion Show 2019, WBFF Competition Suits, NPC Competition

How is the Angel Fashion Show Different from a bodybuilding competition?

The Angel Fashion differs greatly from a bodybuilding competition. This is a stage that you get to have fun on and show off your personality and confidence! We stand for empowering women and making them feel over the top confident on and off stage. If you thrive on competition, don't worry: there will be a awards given for best walk, best costume, and best audience engagement. 

We can't wait to see you in Kansas City on June 15th, 2019!!

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