Team Pro Physique


  • Paul Revelia
  • Stephen Beaugrand


Pro Physique™ is made up of a tight-knit group of hard-working, dedicated athletes that are passionate about health, fitness and the sport of bodybuilding.

Our mission first and foremost is to consider the health of the athlete. Your health is your most valuable asset and your decision to entrust us with your health and fitness goals is never taken for granted. We endeavor to ensure that each client is properly and thoroughly assessed before working with us. Each client is provided with a customized program that is tailored for their specific needs and requirements.

Whether you are looking to build that muscle that you’ve never had, lose unwanted belly fat or step on stage we are here to help and guide you every step of the way!

Although many would consider it an individual sport, we look at competing and even transformations as a team effort. You may be the one doing the work but it’s your team, coach, family and friends that help you to maintain the drive, focus and dedication required to obtain the physique you desire. We promote team cohesion and support at all times with team events, dinners, camps and seminars.

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