Designer Suits

These suits are the same as our build your suits selection except that they are already designed. 

NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition



Practice Suits

Practice Suits are perfect for competition prep
because they are created with adjustable bottom ties so they fit during your entire competition prep letting you take consistent progress photos to send to your coach.

Practice Suits for NPC Bikini competition and NPC Figure Competition



Ships Tomorrow Suits

These are suits that we already have in stock and are ready to be shipped.

Fast shipping npc competition suit



Sponsored Athlete Suits

We are very grateful to work with so many amazing women! Shop for replicas of their Angel Competition Bikinis suit.

Angel Competition Bikinis sponsored athlete suits



Angel Favorites

These are some of our favorite and judges favorite fabrics, crystals, connectors, and suits.

Angel Competition Bikinis favorite suits, best suits for npc



Angel Beachwear

Angel Beachwear fit just like our competition suits. They have subtle crystals and no connectors which make them perfect for sunny days on the beach!

Angel Beachwear



Suits for a Cause

Angel Competition Bikinis Suits for a Cause was started as a way to give back to charities picked by some of our amazing customers.

Suits for a Cause by Angel Competition Bikinis



Olympia 2018 Suits

These are replicas of suits worn by The 2018 Olympia Athletes Marcia, Mariella, Casey, Jenn, and Kerryne.

Olympia 2018 Bikini winners suits