Sizing and Cut

Bottom Cut

We offer 3 different bottom cuts. The only difference between them are the amount of back coverage. They are all scrunch butt style. For NPC athletes we recommend the brazilian cheeky cut. If you are competing in a league that requires 50% back coverage get the moderate cut. If you are concerned about back coverage get the moderate cut. If you are competing in a strict league or are worried about your bikini not being approved get the moderate cut. We have not had an issue with the brazilian cheeky or moderate cut not being approved at any competition.


Top Size

Our cups are made with a bikini competitor is mind. We realize most competitors are very lean and need extra support to make their chest look fuller. All our cups come with sleeves and molded inserts. They come with extra room to allow for a lot of extra support if needed. We offer 3 sizes of cups to give you the look you are going for. If you are worried about the fit please upload your picture during checkout.


Small: This size is for very small chested competitors who do not want to add any push-up and want to keep the natural look on stage

Medium: This size is for small or medium chested competitors who would like to add push-up to give the appearance of a fuller chest. This size is great for most because we make the cups with a lot of room to add as much push-up as you need. This size also works well for competitors with implants up to size DD. Please specify if you are needed extra push-up.

Large: This size is for competitors with natural D or DD or implant size DDD or above.



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