Team Mihaly


  • Justin Mihaly
Bikini Prep Coach, coaching for npc bikini division, best ifbb coaching bikini teams

#TeamMihaly does everything at a high level. I ask for clients to be intelligent folks who are able to critically think and execute simple instructions, as I will not baby sit nor hold hands every day of the week. But what I will do is get you in the best shape of your life – and I’ll provide you with a big and supportive #TeamMihaly family that’ll cheer you on as you crush your goals!

Training starts with three months – In understanding the psychology behind client behaviors and habit forming we know that the first month is mostly mastery of the protocols and processes – habit forming. Month two is when we start learning the physique and seeing visible progress but even more mental changes occurring. Month three is when we get into “auto pilot” mode of perfect execution not necessarily being a negotiable, perfect execution has now become part of our life and this is when the real magic begins

Your goals are likely to take longer than you think, my job is to educate you, watch you progress, but also set you up for long term success in and outside of fitness.

I am a coach geared towards people who are beyond beginner status, if you’re a beginner I would recommend looking into one of the assistant team coaches. My roster is best fit for advanced and high-intermediate folks

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