Team LocoFit


  • Laurin Conlin
  • Ryan Conley
  • Gillian SanFilippo
  • Karina Noboa
  • Lauren D'Errico
Bikini Prep Coach, coaching for npc bikini division, best ifbb coaching bikini teams

Quality over quantity. Impact over fame. Results over click bait. Regardless if your goal is to step on stage for a physique competition, to lose weight and improve your health markers or dominate the platform of a strength sport, we want to create the best experience for every client. Not only with our service and attention to detail, but how we educate our clients through the process. Education is key for long term results and actually understanding the process. ‘Do this because I said so’ is not an appropriate or logical long term approach; and we are here to change that.

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We are here to redefine what healthy means to you. The current narrative in the health and fitness space is muddied with garbage advice and questionable practices. People selling the dream without the work or putting your long term heath at risk for a quick fix. Team LoCoFit brings an intelligent approach to online coaching by blending both evidence based practices with years of experience. We value scientifically proven methods, but do not discredit in the trenches experience. We feel that in order to provide you with the most value, you cannot have one without the other; regardless of your goal. By providing quality service and using this intelligent approach, we are working towards our ultimate goal of redefining healthy, one person at a time.


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