Team FFlex


  • Ryan Milton Owner/Creator
  • Bryanna Barcelo
  • Caileen Walker
  • Haley Hood
  • Kelly Vaupel
  • Taylor Stepan
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Coach Ryan Milton has dedicated his life to the fitness industry! His very first job was at the front desk of a gym, where he realized his passion was to help people be the best version of themselves! From the front desk Coach Ry worked up the ranks of the gym and obtained just about every certification available in order to become the best Personal Trainer possible. After training in person for years, Coach Ryan realized that the best was to extend his reach was to take all training online, so that way he could help anyone, anywhere achieve his or her goals! That is where TeamFFLEX was born! For years Coach Ryan has been helping professional athletes, models, actresses, bikini competitors, power lifters, cross fitters, moms, dads, nurses (you get the point right?) exceed their highest expectations with TeamFFLEX Training! One of the greatest things with TeamFFLEX training is the idea of BALANCE to achieve your goals! All TeamFFLEX clients, even bodybuilders, follow a flexible dieting approach, which allows clients to still eat the foods they love and obtain results. Meal plans are available if needed, but the idea is that mastery of flexible dieting leads to a lifestyle change and long term weight loss vs bro diets and 3 hours of cardio. The Ultimate Competitor Program with TeamFFLEX is a “one-stop shop” for your competition needs: nutrition, training and posing all for one monthly price! We also provide show day coaches to help you behind the scenes for your show day needs! Coach Ryan offers a free 7-day trial of his revolutionary app, and has a staff of coaches ready to help you as well! Go to and chat with Coach Ryan today! And of course if you’re not following him on Instagram (@teamfflex) or YouTube ( you’re missing out on so much free information! Give him a follow/subscribe!

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  • Top industry team of certified coaches ⁠
  • 1,200+ top placing competitors ⁠
  • 20,000+ lifestyle client success stories


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