The Shoe Fairy Heels

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Angel Competition Bikinis does not sell heels. Do not add this item to your cart. Click here to shop for your competition heels at our recommended company, The Shoe Fairy. They are the leading name in Competition Footwear that we love. Like us, their quality, fit, and customer service is the best in their market. They offer a wide variety of styles to choose from and will personally help you pick out the perfect pair. Use code "ACBIKINIS" to save 10% off. Shop Now!

The Shoe Fairy Heels

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"I am obsessed with every part of my Angel Competition Bikini! I especially love the cut of the bottoms. They are really flattering for the glutes!"

Ashley Kaltwasser

"The attention to detail, color, fit, and pizzazz is incomparable. I love Angel Competition Bikinis and won't wear anything else!"

Casey Samsel

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